Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #107

A Year of Gratitude #107: Cousins

Eamon, Gus, Aine, and Benton
I was most excited for Dave and Heather and the kids to get here so that Gus could spend some time with his cousins. It was so fun to watch them play together and they all seemed to really have fun. Gus really bonded with Aine, which is no surprise because she's very good with little kids. He liked making faces at her and she'd make them back at him, which delighted him completely.
Trying to take a picture of them both making the face at each other
Hee hee hee

I could go on and on about how thankful I am to have had the last three FULL days with my oldest brother Dave and his family. I guess you truly don't know what you're missing until you spend ample time with family that you haven't seen in years... and then the reality of how long it's been, and how much you REALLY miss them settles in.

I love my brother Dave so deeply. He's my "big brother" (even though technically Scott is older than me... we're twins, so Dave's the big brother). I've always had a special place in my heart for him and have always loved being around him. I do look up to him, and think he's an incredible person. Someone that I'd be honored to know outside of the realm of being siblings.
Dave on the trampoline

Dave's wife Heather is a wonderful ying to his yang, and his other half. They're in-tune and have the same beliefs and values, which is important when picking a partner. She's as funny as he is, and brings out the very best in him. I love her so much and I'm lucky to have her as a SIL.

Their kids are very special to me because for the longest time, they were my old nephew and niece. Eamon and Aine are awesome. They have funny senses of humor, are super smart, and are fun to be around. I was most excited to see how Gus would enjoy being around his cousins (and that's another post I'll blog about shortly).
Aine and Gus

The kids loved the trampoline

Fun with Eamon

Fun with Aine (and Eamon)


Sketched Aine

Eamon & Aine loved the Stachematic app that I have on my phone!

The boys jumping and Eamon was blowing bubbles
The boys together
 Benton is the youngest of Dave and Heather's kiddos and he's just as sweet as can be. I enjoyed spending time with him this visit because it let me get to know him a little better... since the last time he was just a wee one and I didn't really get to spend time just watching him and getting more familiar with his personality.
Gus and Benton at the park, sharing some fish
We had a great couple of days. We went on walks together, listened to music together, laughed at videos together, played outside, and played inside. It was really enjoyable.
The kids playing in the basement 
Going on a walk

Fun at the park
The boys playing in the backyard

I am so very blessed and so thankful that Dave and the family were able to swing through on their way to D.C. It gave me precious time with them, and let me really reconnect with them. The only negative is that it makes me really sad that they're gone and I won't see them again for a few months.

Our plan is to head back to MI and reunite in August/September for a week with everyone in my family together. It'll be awesome to have all three of us kids and our families together again with my parents. I'm excited to see them again this fall and hope they have an amazing time in Washington D.C.!!!


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