Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #112

A Year of Gratitude #112: Girls Night Out

I'm so thankful that I've made friends here in Atlanta. Last night, I met my friend Beth for dinner and then we headed to the movies to see The Lucky One.

Dinner was delicious. We met at a place called Miller's Ale House in Alpharetta. I had the apple walnut salad that was so yummy. It had grilled chicken, apples, grapes, blue cheese, crasins, and walnuts and had a vinaigrette that was tangy and went well with the rest of the salad. 

After dinner, we drove over to the AMC theater and got our tickets to see The Lucky One. The movie stars Zac Efron, and because of that, the place was SWARMING with teenage girls. While we were in line to get tickets (it's a PG13 movie-- and probably should have been R with the sex scenes) a mom had three girls with her and asked what the movie was rated because she had three 12 year olds with her. SO INAPPROPRIATE for a 12 year old.

During the movie, there were several scenes with them having sex, or about to have sex, and you could hear little fits of giggles throughout the theater. A tell-tale sign of immaturity. The parents that allowed these CHILDREN to go to this movie, should be ashamed of themselves.  I'm sure the thought was that Zac Efron was in HS Musical, a Disney show/movie, and most parents assumed when their daughter said it was a Zac Efron movie, that it was safe.

The movie was based on Nicholas Sparks's book The Lucky One. I read the book quite a while ago, and I had not remembered it being so military-focused (the movie starts off with ZE in Iraq). As soon as he came home and set off to find the woman in the picture, and arrived at her dog kennel, I instantly remembered the plot. It was a good book... predictable, and a bit unrealistic, but not awful.

Anyway- after the movie, Beth and I headed outside and we ended up talking and talking for over an hour. Had a crazy man not started coming towards us, we would have stood there talking longer I'm sure. 

I laughed with her and had a great evening enjoying her company. I'm so thankful to have met friends here that I can go out with and get away when needed. Steve is about to start his traveling for work, and it'll be a couple of weeks of just me and Gus 24 hours a day for a few days with no break. It can be hard, but I'm grateful for the times when I can get out, laugh, and come home to my loving husband and incredible baby boy.


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