Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #113

A Year of Gratitude #113: Steve Here While Gus Got Sick (GRAPHIC)

On Friday night/Saturday morning, around three or four am... Gus woke us up whimpering. When we walked into his room, we were met with the strong smell of vomit, and after turning on the lights, we saw that he had thrown up in his crib.

I took care of Gus while Steve took care of the bedding. It wasn't a big deal, and nothing was on Gus (thankfully). We had him back to bed in no time at all, and he wasn't sick for the remainder of the night and was fine all day Saturday.

Then this morning, I made breakfast for us. Steve had already fed Gus some yogurt, some milk, and a few crackers. Because he's teething, I gave him a red popcicle (the popice tubes) and he sat at the kitchen table and ate it. 

I finished making our breakfast (eggs, toast, and sausage patties) and we headed into the living room to eat breakfast while watching some of our shows. I made Gus an egg and some sausage, but didn't know if he'd want to eat it or not.

Steve decided to try and give a bite of his egg to Gus (because Gus wanted to know what Steve was eating and was morphing into Moochie Sarduchi). When Steve put the fork near his mouth, Gus decided he didn't want any, but Steve decided to give him the bite of egg anyway.

Gus was sitting on Steve's lap and had started gaging on the bite of egg. I'm 99% certain, that the gagging is what started the projective vomiting. I looked and saw a faucet of red vomit spew out of Gus's mouth and onto Steve. Then it kept coming... and it was clear that Gus had consumed dairy (if you catch my drift). So disgusting.

Steve was so good though... he held Gus close to him and was able to keep all the vomit contained to him and NOTHING spilled out anywhere else. Not on the chair, or the floor. Steve rushed Gus to our bathroom and put him in the tub. Gus was crying. I'm sure the experience scared him.

Steve stripped Gus and I started the shower and the two of them got in and got cleaned up. Just smelling the vomit on the clothes in the bathroom was enough to make me start gagging. 

If there's one thing that I don't do... it's vomit. I seriously can't stomach it and I get sick myself if I smell it. I can see it... hear it... and I'm fine. But when the smell hits me, I instantly feel queasy and start feeling sick.

After their shower, I took Gus and got him dressed and we headed to the living room to snuggle while Steve rinsed the clothes and put everything into the washer.

The rest of the day was fine... and other than the teething and Gus refusing to nap for more than an hour, it was a good day. My mom called to see how Gus was feeling, and it was nice of her to call.

I'm so VERY... INCREDIBLY thankful that Steve was here when this happened. Had he been traveling (like he will be for the next two weeks), I would have been so stressed trying to care for Gus and clean up vomit, and try to keep myself from puking too.

I pray that we have an uneventful few days while Steve is gone and nothing crazy happens. I'm so grateful that he was here to help and that he took care of the puke so I didn't have to. He's the


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