Friday, April 27, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #117

A Year of Gratitude #117: Miniature Farm Animals

Gus and a miniature goat

We headed to Canton, GA yesterday for a trip to Tanglewood Farm-- home of the miniature animals. Gus and I went with Kathryn and Aubree and we met Kirsten and Sam there. The kids had a great time. Gus was moody... but that's typical right now. He's been more shy around other kids, and more clingy with me. 

He eventually was able to get into the pen and see the different goats and he enjoyed them. We saw miniature goats, cats, sheep, cows, donkeys, horses, llamas, pigs, and there were turkeys and chickens, as well as a bison.

It was a great get away and was only 30 minutes away. I'd definitely go back, but I'd want to go when a school group was NOT there. It was crowded and we were asked to leave various pens so that the school kids could go in. I was less than happy about that, since we paid money to see the animals and should have been treated with respect and not made to feel rushed.

Anyway... here are some pictures from our day:
Gus was trying to eat the bread for the animals, so I gave him some pretzels to snack on instead

Gus meets a pig

He was fascinated by the pigs!

Sweet miniature African Pygmy goat

Miniature cow

Making his duck face while strolling along the fence

He wanted into the pen with the baby miniature pigs

Brushing a miniature donkey
Gus and the brush

Gus and Sam

Ready to feed the sheep

The sheep attacked!! They knocked Gus down and butted me when I tried to get in to grab him. They took the bucket and bread and ate all of it!

Gus was very upset about the sheep incident

The helmet put him over the edge... he didn't even want to try to ride the pony

Not sure what to think about the farm

He just wanted to eat... (moochie sarduchi saw all the lunches for the school kids and he wanted to go searching for something yummy to eat)

I'm thankful that we had a great trip and that Gus wasn't hurt by the sheep. He was scared, and cried, and I was scared too, but he wasn't hurt.


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