Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #94

A Year of Gratitude #94: Good Friends

At Chestatee Wildlife Preserve with my MOMS Club

This morning Gus and I headed to Publix to meet Kathryn and Aubree so we could carpool together to Chestatee Wildlife Preserve. We met Cheryl and we were off to the preserve. It took us close to an hour to get there, and the drive was beautiful-- we went into the Northern Georgia mountains... so very pretty.

We had such a GREAT turnout at this event today! There were seven moms and seventeen kids!! Gus had a great time seeing the different animals, and then he had a blast playing on their little playground before lunch.
The Zedonk (Zebra and Donkey mixed)

Gus laughing at the LOUD birds

Gus got on the big-kid swing all by himself today!

Taken seconds before Gus fell and hit his head

We had lunch and then took a group shot, and then we were ready to leave. Gus and Aubree were over by the logs and Gus decided to climb them and then he lost his balance. He fell and hit his head pretty hard. It scared me... but he was okay. I didn't let him fall asleep, and I kept an eye on him.

Since it was only noon, we decided to drive an additional 20 miles and go see the Babyland General Hospital. I had never heard of this place until Leslie (in MOMS Club) told me about it for a group outing. It's where Cabbage Patch Kids are created and you can tour the hospital and even adopt CPKs!

We had a great time!!! I (obviously) was more excited than Gus, but he had fun too and he got to pick out a baby to adopt. When I was growing up, I wanted a CPK but they were too expensive. My grandma ended up getting us (me and Scott) dolls that were made at a craft fair. They LOOKED like the real ones, but weren't. I remember being so upset that there was no signature on my baby's butt...  :-(

Gus found a few different dolls that he liked, but we finally decided on a bald baby boy with blue eyes. We named him Frankie Steve. I thought about naming his baby Gus... but then thought it'd be weird for Gus to have a Gus, so instead he now has Frankie. His first real doll.  :-)

Here are some pictures that I took and that Kathryn took of Babyland General Hospital:
The view as you drive up


At the door!
We witnessed a live birth while we were there (LOL) SERIOUSLY

Aubree and the dolls

A tree of dolls

Babies in the cabbage patch!

Gus had a hard time trying to decide which one he wanted...

Then he wanted this one!

He took his baby to the salon and did his hair...
Carted him in the stroller...

And then picked a new baby... this one had brown eyes...

Aubree and her new baby

An original worth $15,000 today! CRAZY!!

Cabbage growing outside!

The mountains were GORGEOUS!!

We had a great day and arrived home at 3:00. Gus refused to nap, but it was an easy bedtime tonight!!

I'm so thankful for the great day we had and for great friends!


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I had a handmade CPK no signature on the bottom. My fake CPK died when a boy took her head off.

Cat's Litterbox said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@TTABaby Oh my goodness!!! How traumatic for you!!

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