Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16

Today was a pretty good day... of course it's Sunday and football was on ALL DAY. I think back in September I said something about being excited for football season, but that's because I had forgotten how long and excruciating it is to watch football every Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Oi Vey!

Gus was a crabby-patty today. I think it's because he's teething and he's also in the middle of a growth spurt. He can't seem to get comfortable.

This morning he was chillin' with the dogs and I took these pictures of him:

He has the most adorable smile and it makes me smile when I see it. He's becoming quite the little man, and I can't get over how confident he is! Maybe it's because he's a boy and is naturally inquisitive or curious, but man oh man... he's trying everything! He wants to explore and stand on one foot, and hold onto to things with one hand! Each day he continues to amaze me with his new abilities!

We didn't go anywhere or do anything major today and it was nice to just relax. Gus took a three hour nap from 3-6 and I am praying that it doesn't impede him sleeping through the night tonight! Steve has tomorrow off and it's his turn to sleep in. Not that he can really sleep in... he has a dentist appointment at 9.

Gus has curly hair... did you know that? You don't really see it until he's out of the bath and we dry his head, and then BAM! There are all these adorable little golden curls! Steve took a picture tonight... you can see his faux-hawk too...
His eyes are red because he was SOOOOO tired and ready for bed! You'd think he'd be wide awake after a nice three-hour nap, but by 7:45 he had just had a nice warm bath and I think he was just ready to crash.

Until tomorrow...


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