Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21

Day 21

It's funny the difference that a day can make. I had a great day today and while the battle of the spoon was still on my mind, I spent the day with a new friend and enjoyed myself and just had fun. We went to the Bodies Revealed exhibit in Greensboro (about a two hour drive) and it was fascinating. If you've never been and ever have the chance to go, it's quite worth it.

Because my parents gave us our NC Zoo membership as a Christmas gift, I was able to get into the exhibit at a reduced price, and so was my friend. Together we saved $14 (not too bad) and got into the museum for free (the exhibit cost extra).

It was so weird to see what the inside of the body looks like. Unless you're a mortician or a doctor/nurse, you probably have never had the chance to see the body up close and personal. It was interesting to me that all of the bodies on display were males, and were all very short, lean, and small framed. It would have been interesting to see overweight bodies and the extra fat, just like the black lungs and cancer lungs (there was a clear box for people to deposit their cigarettes after seeing the lungs).  Maybe it would have been too gross for me and I'd become a super-health freak and lose a bunch of weight because the image was burned into my brain. (Hehehehe) :D

All in all, it was awesome and I'm so glad that I went. Gus did a great job and thankfully I brought the Ergo with me because there was a no stroller policy. It would have been awful to carry his squirmy self through the tour. Instead, he snuggled up to me and was such a happy boy to be close to me and have something fun to stick in his mouth (a teething ring). 

I think the most phenomenal part was the baby room. They had several fetus's at various parts of a pregnancy and you could see the development. The first was at 12 weeks and you could see fingers... then 14 weeks, 16 weeks, 18 weeks and 20 weeks. The difference in size was amazing and you could see ribs, bones, and the little heart and internal organs forming. 


After the exhibit we checked out other parts of the museum and they had a mini aquarium and a section with reptiles that was cool. They had an Anaconda and it was by far, the largest snake that I've ever seen in my life!

Here are some pictures from the museum:
Ready for the museum!

Kristen's daughter Grace

The Rattlesnake

Kristen and Grace

The babies

Little Gussy Walker :D

Me and Gus

Life-Size Giraffe (My favorite animal)

After the museum we headed back home and stopped in Burlington for lunch. We went to The Mellow Mushroom and it was soooooo delicious! 

Kristen and I talked about the whole feeding issue and she said that she was under the impression that the first year is supposed to be filled with food exploration and that the nutrition should be coming from the formula/breast milk and that the solid foods are just there to get the baby ready for full-time solid eating after the age of one. It made me feel so much better. She also said that she has had some setbacks with Grace and while she loves to eat, there are certain foods that she won't eat anymore.

I also got an amazing message from my cousin Jes (also Gus's godmother) and it completely made my day. She's so great and knew exactly what I needed to hear. 

So from comments on here (thanks Alison) and talking to my cousin and Kristen, they suggested maybe trying something besides pureed foods. Maybe Gus just isn't into the texture of purees anymore. I decided to give it a try tonight.

I was eating my delicious dinner of hobo pockets (lite kielbasa, potatoes and corn in a foil packet on 450 for 40 minutes) and I decided to give Gus some potatoes and see if he'd eat them. They were bite-sized pieces (not mashed) and I was a little hesitant to have him try, but he gobbled them up! I gave him bite after bite after bite and while it wasn't a huge amount, it was awesome!

I'll take that small victory!! :)

When we got home from the museum Gus and I played for a bit and I took some pictures of him. I just think he's the cutest thing (I am biased)! Here are some cute pictures to feast your eyes upon:

Tomorrow I go to get my eyes checked for the year... I'll probably get new lenses and maybe new frames. We'll see.

I'll post again tomorrow!!


Alison said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yay for Gus!! I'm so glad you are feeling better & that Gus loved the taters! C loves them too! :) Like I said, it's just practice! Your friend is right too, it's all about exploration!! :) Gus will be fine!!

Proud Mama said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I wanted to talk to you for a bit about food, but was unsure. Give me a call and we can chat.

I went to Body World a few years ago and it was very cool. The body types were all different and there was a fat one. Totally gross. D & I are going to the exhibit tomorrow. I will let you know how it is different this time.

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