Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22

Day 22

Gus at Wal-Mart
I don't think there's a better way to wake up than to the aroma of deliciousness coming from downstairs. :)

This morning Steve got up with Gus around 8ish and then made his famous ham and cheese hash brown casserole. It takes an hour to bake, but holy smokes... it's the greatest thing to eat!

I had a 11:30 eye appointment at Target, so we headed off for my annual visit. The good news is that I don't need my bifocals anymore (whoo hoo) but I needed new lenses and as a result, new frames. I love my current glasses, and really wanted to keep them, but then I'd have to go 7-10 days without them and that's not an option.

So... the next time I go and need new frames, I will use these and rotate through the new ones and the current ones. I'm excited to get the new frames though and they're blue. :)  I hope they don't make me look awful... the wrong pair of glasses can really screw up your appearance!

After Target we headed to Red Robin to celebrate Steve's birthday with a free burger! We ended up sharing the BBQ one and they even cut it and gave us each 1/2 with some fries. The total with drinks was less than $15 (we also had a 1/2 order of mozzarella sticks). It was a delicious lunch.

Then we hit up Wal-Mart for our weekly trip. I don't know what the heck was happening there, but they only had three lines open and as a result, we ended up standing in line for just under an hour. I would have just left, but we needed to get the trip over with and have the items for our possible snow this week.
Here is a picture of Gus while we waited in line at Wal-Mart:
Gus expressing his feelings on waiting in line!

On the way home from Wal-Mart I talked to my SIL Heather... it was so nice to talk to her and catch up and hear her advice on feeding. She said just the right things and I'm so glad I talked to her. :)

Once we got home and put the groceries away, I brought Gus up for his afternoon nap and then I worked on my February newsletter for my MOMS Club. I think it turned out really cute. :)
Our evening pretty much was zapped away and we watched a little Ghost Adventures (the worst episode yet) and then we brought Gus up for bed. 

I got on Facebook and added some pictures to my Former Students of Ms. Kramer now Mrs. Walker group and just felt so warm and fuzzy looking back on the great memories of teaching in Michigan and at Oak Grove. One of my all-time most favorite students friend requested me and it was so amazing to see him! He is friends with other former students that tagged him in a picture on the group page.

This kid was so awesome. He was in my third grade and when I started the year I was Mrs. Kramer (August) and then went through my divorce in November and became Ms. Walker. One day he said to me, "What happened to your r?" I was confused and asked him what he meant and he said, "You used to be MRS and now you're MS... what happened to your r?" How cute is that?

This same boy told me he wanted to marry me, and actually called me one weekend and asked me on a date to the movies. This was all before I realized you shouldn't give parents your phone number and shouldn't go on dates with students (lol). Anyway, he and I went to the movies and he was so cute... he held the door open for me and everything. This was the same kid that everyone warned me about and told me what a jerk he was. They said he was rotten and mean, and didn't listen to anyone. I loved him so much.

One day I was reading my all-time favorite children's book "Hooway for Wodney Wat" by Helen Lester. This book is about a rat named Rodney but he cannot pronounce his Rs. So the mean girl Camilla Capybara picks on and bullies everyone and they're playing Simon Says and Rodney says, "Go Rest" but instead is sounds like "Go West" and so she starts to hear West and is never seen again. :)  

When I finished this child said to me, "Ms. Kramer... I am just like Wodney."  (He couldn't pronounce his Rs either.) Talk about the sweetest little boy! I would walk my kids to the buses each day and he'd stand outside his bus with me as long as he could... then he'd give me a big hug... race onto the bus... and then wave to me as the bus left. He did this EVERY DAY. :)

I ran into him in June 2007 at Rolling Hills water park (annual 5th grade end of the year field trip). I had moved from Redner to Childs and was teaching 5th grade instead of 3rd. Oddly enough, the kids that I taught in 5th at Childs ended up in the same grade as him in middle school (because I had moved up two grade levels). Anyway, I saw him and he looked the same but a little bigger. He was always a tiny little guy. He was so cute and was so excited to see me at Rolling Hills. I told him I was moving to NC and he was sad.

I knew that would be the last time I ever saw him, but I never dreamed that I'd reconnect with him on Facebook. After becoming friends and commenting back and forth on pictures, his status said, "I miss elementary school.  :("   I wrote and told him that he was my favorite and he wrote back and said, "I have no questions about you being my favorite teacher :D  "   It made me smile.

Speaking of things that made me smile... holy crap. Steve sent me the FUNNIEST thing that I've seen in a long time. I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face and my stomach hurt. If you'd like to see it... email me and I'll forward it. It's all these iPhone text messages that because of the stupid auto-correct feature in the texting system, the messages are outrageous. It's so awesome.

Okay... enough for tonight. Steve has requested that for his birthday he gets a day... any day he chooses to be his day to sleep in. I said okay... and now I have to be careful that he'll pick tomorrow and I'll have been up too late. I don't want to be exhausted and have him pick tomorrow morning for me to have Gus duty all by myself!!


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