Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here are my favorite things for infants!

So the swaddle on the left is a Summer Infant swaddleme blanket. We used this with Gus from the time that he was born until he was about five months. At that point, he was too big to wear it comfortably, so we moved to the Woombie brand swaddle cocoon (on the right). Gus has been in his from five months until now. We love the Woombie and they make them for babies up to 25 pounds!

 Of course for bathtime we use and love Burt's Bees. We use the bubble bath as well as the shampoo and body wash with Gus. In addition to these products, we love to give Gus a massage after his bath and use Burt's baby lotion for his body and then the Baby Bee Skin Cream for his face. It makes him so soft and smell absolutely delicious!

We moved Gus from his baby newborn bath and started using an inflatable tub with him and he LOVES it! It's the perfect size and works so much better than putting him in the big tub and worrying about him slipping. We bought the toy that you see (Yookidoo) and he loves it!

The Beaba is the coolest baby cook system. It was a gift from one of Steve's co-workers and is awesome. It cooks and purees the food and also reheats. I have a cookbook specifically for using the Beaba and it's wonderful and full of great recipes. The containers are from One Step Ahead and I use them to freeze and portion out the foods that I make in the Beaba.

The Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat is awesome! Not only was it cheaper ($25) but is portable and can go with us to restaurants or with us when we travel. It attaches to a regular seat and is very secure. We love it! Now... we also have a large high chair, but it's a little too big for Gus to use right now. We'll probably use it more once Gus is older.

We love our exersaucer! Gus likes to go in there and play and likes to chew on the various items that hang on it. He has the Evenflo Exersaucer Mega Circus and it was a gift from our neighbor Wendy (it belonged to her girls and she passed it on to us).

The next item is the Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker. We have two of them! One was from Wendy and the other we bought. We use them both. One stays downstairs where Gus can use it in the livingroom, and the other is in our bathroom. I put Gus in it when I take a shower and I know he's safe and it keeps him occupied with the hanging items that make music and noises. When Gus is a little bigger, we can take the bar off and he can just have a cute little chair!

The last item is his play yard. Now... my parents call it his "baby jail." He doesn't go in it all the time, but it's a safe place to put him when he plays and not worry about him getting hurt. He goes in and the dogs can't get him, if he falls while walking, he's protected by the soft carpet. It just makes me feel better that I can put him in there while making dinner, or after changing his diaper. We love it.

The Munchkin teether is on the left and we like it because we freeze it and then it has these nubbies on it that Gus likes to feel on his gums while teething.

Sophie the Teething Giraffe is the greatest thing that Gus has right now. He LOVES her and will sit and chew on her without any complaints. Sophie is about $16 and something that every parents of a teething baby would love.

That's it for today... I'll post more again soon!


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