Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Day 32

Day 32!

Hello Mama!!
Well... it was a decent day. Not the greatest but not the worst. Gus got up early this morning and didn't get his full 12 hours. So, of course, I am exhausted and could have slept for another three hours. No such luck!

When I went in to get Gus, he was standing in his crib and ready to go downstairs. When he first wakes in the morning, or after a nap, he is absolutely so snuggly and cuddly. I love it the most!

We came downstairs and got ready for my MOMS Club business meeting that took place at 10:30. Wendy came over and then she drove us to the meeting. Now... I had no intentions of going to this meeting, but Wendy wanted to go and so I agreed. However, it will be the last meeting that I go to for quite some time. 

I'm feeling "done" and underwhelmed with my MOMS Club. I feel like it could and should be so much more, but it's full of drama and a bunch of cliques. At the end of December, the president had asked members to give some feedback about how things were going (our turnout at events has been low). I gave some honest feedback and thought it was nice of me to even do that (there's over 50 women in the group and I think the president got less than 10 replies with feedback).

So it came as a shock when a friend of mine who is on the board, informed me that the president had sent the entire board my email, and said, "I guess I asked for this." Now... my email was not rude, or bitchy. It was constructive and offered suggestions (she did ask for them). 

One of the things that I said was that the meetings lack a purpose, and that if the board members don't find them to be important enough to attend (usually there's the president and ONE other board member), then it sends the message to the members that the meetings aren't important.

So... anyway, with all the drama, I found out that my playgroup has been meeting without me. I have asked since joining in September, to get information on a playgroup (that's what the MOMS Club is mainly for). I basically got the run-around and everyone that's in our group also has older kids and are involved with their playgroup instead. That's great... but I have one child and would like to get involved with a playgroup for him. 

ANYWAY... I took all this info, and made a decision to quit the group after a nasty response from the president via email (attacking everything I wrote in my email to her with ideas and suggestions).

She called me and basically begged me to stay in the group and said I was a valuable member... yada yada yada. I told her I didn't need drama and she agreed and said things would improve.

Fast-forward to January's meeting. Right before the meeting, the president sent an email saying that all board members should be present, and that there'd be a craft for the kids. So like 10-15 moms come to the meeting. It was crazy... and usually there's me and Wendy, the president, and like one or two others. So 10-15 was a HUGE amount of people.

The meeting was pure chaos and there was no order, nothing was discussed of value, and it was a complete waste of time. Bummer.

After every meeting (they're always on a Tuesday), everyone goes to Moe's and it's Kids Eat Free day. It's usually FULL of MOMS Club moms and their kids. It's where I went with Gus when I first joined and I gave my membership form and dues.

Okay... so Wendy and I go today and we get there and it's like me and her, the president, the other board member that just about always goes, and then two others. Yep. That's it. While we were sitting there, two of the women have babies in the same age range as Gus and the one made a comment about how much bigger the other's daughter had grown since the last play date (WHAT--- What play date?). The president asked when that was, and she said a month ago or so. I was so disappointed. Not only have I been asking about these damn play dates... but they have been having them and not told me.

It's because they're all friends and are pretty much excluding me. Whatever. The meeting was another complete waste of time and then Wendy and I headed to Moe's thinking that there'd be others too... nope. Just us. 

Kinda like our MOMS Club Mom's Night Out last Tuesday... yeah, the one that NO ONE CAME TO. It's a joke at this point. Why waste my time on a group that is so full of apathetic people? I'll focus my energy on other things and will do more with Triangle Mommies. Adios MOMS Club!

And don't even get me started on the damn newsletter issue.

Anyway... I took some pictures of Gus today and it made me remember that I took pictures of him back on September 13th... and he was wearing the same shirt (crazy that he has worn this shirt for four months). The difference between then and now is astounding. Take a look:
September 13, 2010

September 13th, 2010

My bald little man!

September 13th, 2010

Today instead of napping...

September 13th, 2010

This looks like he's singing... I love it!!!

I love it when Gus is eating and he smiles at me... it makes my heart melt!

Isn't is incredible?
See you tomorrow...


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