Thursday, February 03, 2011

Day 34

What a day! Gus was intent on waking up EARLY this morning and I haven't felt rested all day. He is teething and was a beast today!! He tested the limits all day and it was exhausting!

His morning started by coming into the bedroom with me and hanging out in his rocking chair while I cleaned and folded clothes. Well, he decided to get out of his chair (yes... even with being strapped in, he managed to wiggle himself to a standing position)! It was a battle of wills and I had to enforce some discipline and tell him to sit down. He finally got the idea, but it was a process of tears and then smiles as he was trying to stand, and me telling him to sit down and redirect. Oy Vei!
Sitting with Ned... the morning had just begun

Then we came downstairs and after playing for a bit, he decided to climb into the rocker chair that was downstairs. I was AMAZED that he was able to climb into the chair on his own. Then he chose to stand up in the chair... and then tried to climb on the cats' scratching post! Well... it ended badly and he fell face-first onto the floor.
See the scratching post to the right...

Gus then decided to eat a magazine... he literally crumbled it into a wad and stuck it in his mouth (he's trying to get anything he can into his mouth to ease the teething pain I presume). He also decided to try and eat my laptop cord. He pulled it out of my computer and stuck it into his mouth.

Yes... that's my laptop cord in his mouth
So even as Gus is doing all these things, he's watching me to see what I'll do. When I redirect, he starts to make a frowny face and starts to cry. He doesn't like to be told no. Then he'll smile and start to continue. It's a fun game. He decided that he wanted to be picked up and held, and then I'd pick him up and hold him and he instantly wanted down. Then I'd put him down and he wanted back up. This was repeated ALL DAY. :D

Steve got home and brought us some pizza (I didn't have it in me to cook dinner... I was literally mentally drained). While I ate, Steve played on the floor with Gus (it was really sweet).

I love that Gus is trying to hold his bottle on his own. It's neat to me that he's gaining more independence and really wants to do some things for himself.

Bedtime came around 7:15 and Gus climbed the stairs up to his room and then it was time to say goodnight. I hope that he'll sleep all night and not wake at all. I'm going to bed because it was a LONG day. 

Tomorrow our cleaning lady comes. I love having her, but hate Fridays because I feel "trapped" in my house. She'll be here from 9-12. BLA.

See you tomorrow!


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