Saturday, February 05, 2011

Day 36

I had a pretty good day today... it was Saturday and of course, I wasn't sure if I would get to sleep in or not (I prayed that I could) and Steve let me. <3

This morning we spent a little time hanging out on the bed with Gus and played with the cats. It was so nice and Gus seemed to enjoy himself.

We still had one last Hibachi Xpress Groupon to use so we went for lunch today because it expires on the 17th and we won't be here! The experience was greatly underwhelming and we both had some intentional failure as a result of the food today. No fun.
After lunch we headed out to do our weekly grocery trip. We did really well today and spent less than $100 on groceries... it was actually closer to $70ish I believe. This is a HUGE improvement from the $150-$200 trips that have come of late.

Gus seems to be enjoying his new car seat. It doesn't have the fun toys there for him to play with, but he likes it just the same. Here are some picture that I took while we drove around this afternoon:

While we were out today, we stopped by the Holly Springs branch of the Wake County Library and got ourselves library cards! We're both excited to check out the ebooks that our library has. Steve was very disappointed to see that almost all the ebooks that he wanted were out. They definitely need a bigger selection!!

When we got home from our shopping, Gus took a nice nap and then later when he was up, we played downstairs for a while. We had left-overs for dinner. 

I HATE left-overs. I wish I liked them though, because it's so much easier to just nuke something than to make it from scratch like I do just about every night. I swear... I'm a regular Betty Crocker. Call me Dolly Domestic if you will. :) I've got mad culinary skills (just ask Steve).

While we ate our left-overs (me: pizza  Steve: manicotti), Gus played and then we fed him. He's such a good boy. I think the battle over solids is over, as long as he can eat what we're eating. He wants NOTHING to do with pureed foods or anything like that. He does like his yogurt and apples and peaches, but that's it. I'm okay with that.

After we ate, Steve and Gus were playing and Gus was sticking his hands inside Steve's mouth. He looked like a miniature dentist.
Say "Ahhhh" daddy!
I realized that I only had pictures from my iPhone today and the quality stinks. So I decided to take some pictures of Gus this evening with my good camera. I only took a few, but the ones that I took were definitely keepers!!

Tomorrow is Sunday and the Superbowl. We're not going anywhere and I'm so excited. I can sit around in my comfy pants and watch football in my own house. I don't have to deal with a bunch of drunks, or people that I don't really feel like being around... and I can do as I please! :)  I do hope the Packers win though... I really hate the Steelers.

See you tomorrow!


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