Monday, February 07, 2011

Day 38

This boy has my heart. He just lights up my entire world and makes me smile unlike anything else. I'm probably a typical mom, but everything he does makes me laugh so much. He makes the cutest faces, noises, expressions, and does the funniest things. I can't even imagine my life without him in it.

My baby slept until about 7:15 this morning and then he was up and ready to play. Mom wasn't quite so ready. Stayed up too late watching the Packers win I suppose. It was a great game and had me in suspense up to the end. I said to Steve, "Why is it that every team that I want to win, when they play the damn Steelers... get all the way to the end and then they blow it?!?" Thankfully the Packers were able to maintain their lead and win the 45th Super Bowl.

I had wanted to go to the Toddler Story Time at the library this morning, but Gus woke up earlier than expected and then I figured he'd be ready for a nap just as it was getting started. I decided to hold off until next Monday.

Before getting ready to head out this morning, I took some pictures of Gus in his sweater that his God Mother Jessica sent him in October. I think he looked super cute today.

Wendy and Ashley came over for a bit and then we headed to Wendy's for lunch. Wendy had a lunch date with a friend of Kaitlyn's and her mom. I decided to be a jerk and crash their date. :)  Really, she said it was okay and I decided to go and check out this lady.

We got back from lunch and it was nap time. Gus slept from 2:15-3:15 and then he woke up for a bottle, and went back to sleep until 5:15. He went to bed tonight at 8:00 because Steve worked late and we were waiting up for him. Hopefully he'll sleep through the night and give me a full 12 hours!!

So this evening while we were waiting for Steve to get home, Gus was playing and I decided to give him a plastic bag (it was a ziploc one and sealed... and not a danger to him). I was amazed at how much he loved it and that it went all over the livingroom with him and entertained him for a good 45 minutes!!

Then Gus spotted Purry Como and it was on! He loves that cat and LOVES to try and eat his face. Not kidding.
This cat is the most patient cat on the planet

You thought I was kidding didn't you?

Trying to get a grip on Purry's face... and the cat just allowed him to grab him...
Yes, even sticking his fingers in Purry's mouth and the cat just tolerates it!

Steve got home and brought us some swag, which is good because our supply is at 1% and now we're back to about 30% or so. It's mostly for gifts and whatnot, but when you're down to just about nothing, it's pretty stinky. We need to be more selective about the amount of freebies that we give away. No more shopping in the store for just anyone!

I'm now ready for bed. Tomorrow Lisa Singletary from Oak Grove is coming for lunch and to see Gus! I can't wait to see her and catch up... it's been forever. It's nice to see former co-workers and know that some of them still think about me. It was hard to leave OG and feel like I wasn't really missed. 
The boy who is worth everything!

Anyway... see you tomorrow!


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