Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 40

Good Morning Mama!!!

My little man slept for twelve and a half hours last night! I was so excited because I had GNO last night and didn't get to bed until almost 11. It was so nice to sleep past 7!!

I don't think I mentioned this yesterday, but when Steve got up and went downstairs yesterday morning, the front door was WIDE open. (Scary right?) And then he did a kitty head-count and came up one cat short (Bing Clawsby). He told me that Bing was missing and I started to look for him but he was definitely not in the house. I decided to look more once I was up and Gus was up (this was like 6am). So then when I let the dogs out (around 9:30) I called for Bing outside and he came! He was hiding under the grill cover.
Anyway... I need to say that Wendy is incredible. She couldn't wait to get started on the FROG and I just shook my head and said to myself, "There's no way she's going to get this done..." and then she worked from like 9:30-12:00 and we had to go get K from pre-school. We went to Andy's for lunch, came back here and she went right back up and did more! She worked from like 1:30-almost 4 and then she had to go.

When I brought Gus up for his nap, I peeked into the room and COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES. She is amazing! Seriously... she has an eye for organization and could go into business doing this for people. She'd make a ton of money!! She should be a personal organizer for a living because not only does she LOVE IT, but she's GOOD at it!!

Today we locked in the dates for visits with Gus's birth family on both sides. I am eager for them to see him and actually hold him and spend time with him. I just pray that it all goes well. These people are in our lives for at least 18 years, so I'm hoping that we can continue to keep things going so well in person. Sometimes it's easier to maintain happiness when you're doing things online, but in person it's another story.

Fortunately, both sides have been wonderful about being willing to come to us (they live about an hour or so away from my parent's house). We'll be meeting at a cool place called Jungle Java and they have a ton of couches, and then they have a play area for babies that will be perfect for Gus. They have coffee and drinks and food, so it should be perfect for everyone, and better yet, it's free! :)

We'll be meeting with his birth father's family on Thursday night and then I hope we can do something with my SIL since they live so close to where we'll be. Then Saturday we have plans with my cousin Jes and Gus's birth mom's aunt (Gus's Great Aunt and second cousins)... and then Sunday we have plans with Gus's birth mom's family.We're going to be very busy!!

So this morning... after Gus finally woke up he was starving (going 12+ hours will do that to 'ya), and I changed his diaper and gave him a bottle and I came back to my computer to check email and whatnot. He was very quiet so I assumed that he had fallen back asleep. When I went in to see what he was doing, this is what I saw:

You probably can't really tell from the pictures, but he was buck naked and had taken off his diaper. It's kinda my fault because I put him in one that was a bit too big, but I didn't expect to have him naked as a jay bird when I walked in!!

Okay... enough for now. I'll be back tomorrow. I need to figure out how I can blog while I'm in MI next week... I'll see if I can do it. I'd hate to go a whole week and have to catch up and lose my momentum!!



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So glad that Bing did not get lost out there! Shew! I know that was a relief!

OMG! Gus taking off the diaper is hilarious. He looked so proud of his accomplishment! Haha!

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