Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 42

The day arrived... Gus is now nine-months-old! I can't believe that he's so close to being a year already. People don't lie when they say that time goes by so quickly!!

I'm not going to lie... Gus is my favorite person. He is such a cutie and makes me laugh. Lately he's been very clingy and wants me to hold him all the time, and then he wants down, but immediately wants back up into my arms. It's the greatest ever. I think he knows what "Come here" means because if he's across the room and I say, "Gus... come here..." and motion with my hands for him to come to me, he always does. He's so smart!

This morning he played in the Johnny Jumper for a little bit (sorry about the crazy red-eye in these pictures... I can't figure out how to get rid of it)

Then we went downstairs and played for a while. Gus's new favorite thing to do with the exersaucer is to crawl under it and play.

As you all know, today Gus turned nine-months-old so of course I had to take a bazillion pictures to mark the occasion! Here are some of my favorites from the bunch (I took over 100):

After taking these pictures I decided to see if Gus was hungry for some lunch. I am so glad that I tried because he ate 4oz of vanilla yogurt (an entire container) and had some fruit and cheese puffs! Here are some pictures of my messy eater:

I was able to watch a lot of my DVR'd shows today and it was so nice. Wendy came over for a brief visit and it was good to see her. I made a new dessert that I read about on another blog and I took pictures of the entire process. Wendy got to taste the finished work and she approved.
1 Stick of softened butter, yellow cake mix, one egg-- mix together

This is what you'll have. This is the crust.

After you've got the crust in a pan that's been sprayed with PAM, pre-heat the oven to 300 degrees
In the same bowl that you made the crust with, add 2 eggs, 4 cups of powdered sugar and 8 oz of softened cream cheese. Mix these together for 1-2 minutes.

This is the way it'll look when whipped up

Add to the top of the crust and put into the oven for 40-50 minutes
When it's done cooking this is what it looks like


Now I love sweet stuff but my goodness this is SUPER sweet! Almost too sweet for me to eat! Steve liked it though and it was good with a HUGE glass of cold skim milk!

We went out for Mexican tonight since I have been craving it for a while. We got there and had a 25 minute wait... which I hated, but what other choice did we have? The food was delicious and "hit the spot." We came home, put Gus to bed and watched Gray's Anatomy while we ate our dessert. Now my stomach hurts.

We got a note from our agency that they received our divorce decrees but now won't send the finalization paperwork until they get a certified copy of our marriage license. Since we wed in the Bahamas, the license doesn't look like the ones here in the U.S. do. Steve wrote back and told them that the copy that they have for us, IS the certified copy. It's all we've got. We're hoping they'll realize this and send our finalization stuff to MI this next week. Who knows how long it'll take to process... but we certainly aren't getting anything started by having CAS hold the paperwork over our heads. Yeah... real "Christian" of them right?

Anyway... I need sleep and I still have to do Gus's nine-month blog. See you tomorrow!



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