Monday, April 04, 2011

Day 94

This morning I could have slept A LOT longer but we had to get up and go downstairs to get ready for our K15 playdate. We were supposed to have six others join us, but instead only three came. I met a new person named Allison and her sons Tristan (15 months) and Gabriel (2 months).  Kristen was there with Grace and then my friend Katie came with her daughter Emma.

It was a good morning and Gus seemed to enjoy himself. He was busy checking out what everyone was doing, and enjoyed trying to steal Tristan's sippy.

We got to 11 and everyone left because the babies were ready for naps. Gus was really starting to get fussy so I brought him upstairs and put him down around 11:30ish. He fell asleep immediately and I started to edit the pictures that I took with my camera. Katie emailed me some of the ones that she took (she's WAY better than me) and they're so cute:

It got to be 2:30 and Gus was STILL sleeping. He's NEVER taken a three-hour nap before, but I checked to make sure he was still breathing (he was) and let him sleep. He woke himself up a few minutes later and we went downstairs. He sounded really congested and sick. I'm not sure if he picked something up from another baby this morning, or if he's teething, or what's going on, but he had a fever and wasn't feeling quite 100% all afternoon.

Steve got home and I made dinner. I was worried from 3:00-5:30 that my phone was dead and broke because it just shut off and then I couldn't get it to turn back on. It freaked me out a little because I'm trying so hard to keep it until the next iPhone comes out (like two or three more months). I'll kick myself if I don't wait and I'm so close to the new model being released.

Steve was able to fix it. I don't know what happened or why it shut off, but he was able to revive it. :)

We had dinner, watched Ellen from today and then came up here to put Gus to bed. I'm exhausted too and ready to hit the sack. See you tomorrow!


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