Sunday, April 03, 2011

Day 93

This is an awesome picture that Steve took with his phone yesterday at the bowling alley. I used his camera a few times today and noticed this picture and decided to send it to myself. Isn't it super cute??

Anyway... what a nice day! We relaxed and watched some television. We opened the windows and enjoyed the beautiful weather and I cleaned and organized a little for my K15 in-home playdate tomorrow. There will be seven moms total. I'm one, and then Kristen and Melanie will be coming and then my friend Katie will be coming too. So that leaves three others, and when I looked at their profiles, two of them are in my adoption group! :) It should be fun!

Here are some pictures of Purry on the screen porch enjoying the warm sun on his fur...

 Don't be alarmed by the picture of Elphie trying to put Purry's head in her mouth... they were just playing. It's funny to watch them together. Purry is so laid-back... he doesn't care what you do as long as you love him.

Last night/early this morning, Steve and I were talking about the animals and what they'd look like/sound like if they were cartoons. Here's what we came up with:
You got it. Ned Flanders from the Simpsons... is our dog Ned Flanders. We named him after Ned because he's got the same happy, loving, positive demeanor. We're pretty sure that if Ned could talk, he'd sound just like the cartoon character from The Simpsons.

This would be Elphie. We said Bart Simpson from The Simpsons because he is voiced by a girl... and Elphie looks like a boy dog (I call her a him all the time) but is actually a female. She's also a trouble maker like Bart, and has a "kiss my ass" attitude at times, but then can be super loving and sweet just like Bart.
There should be no question about this one. This is Chef from South Park and he is big, fat, large and in charge. He's a lover not a fighter, and he loves food. You guessed it... he's Eddie! Eddie is our 25+ pound cat... we call him "Heavy E" (like Heavy D-- rapper from the 90s). We're pretty sure that if Eddie could talk, he'd have a deep voice like Chef and probably sing like him too.
This is Brian Griffin from The Family Guy (my favorite show on television BTW). Brian is a cool guy... very dry sense of humor, and has an air of arrogance about him. He's very self-confident, and is extremely intelligent. However, he's also a dog and can't escape this reality. Especially if someone throws a stick or tells him to fetch. Brian is our cat Toebe. Toebe is too smart for his own good and yet, he's a cat. He does silly things and is very playful, but also likes to backtalk when he's in trouble. 
This is Bruce from The Family Guy. I had to Google his character's name because on the show, they don't really use his name. This is how Steve and I talk whenever Purry Como is around. Bruce is very calm, peaceful, and talks in a monotone way. Here's a clip of him talking:

Lastly, this is Hammy from the movie Over the Hedge. He's a spastic crazy squirrel and he reminds us of Bing Clawsby. They're both very tiny, but can be loud, crazy, and out of control!!

So... anyway. after Gus's nap this morning I gave him some lunch and he ate an entire container of Yo Toddler! Strawberry banana yogurt with fruit and cereal puree. He loves it! I'll have to get more this week when I go shopping again. Here are some pictures of Gus eating and then drinking from his frog sippy.

After lunch I put Gus in his University of Dayton onesie and took some pictures of him walking around out on the porch.

We had dinner, Steve grilled some Rib-eyes and then I made potatoes and mixed veggies to go with it, and we each had a salad to start dinner. It was such a yummy dinner! I baked some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for dessert and they were the perfect end to the perfect day!
See you tomorrow!!!


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