Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 256

September 13th, 2010

September 13th, 2011

A year ago today I started my photography journey. My dad left his camera here after their Labor Day visit, and let me play with it. I took my first pictures of Gus with a DSLR camera and I became hooked!

We had such an amazing day today! Gus got up a little earlier than I had hoped, and I was mostly worried that he'd be tired at the 10:10 session at The Little Gym. Thankfully, he was too excited to be tired.

Here are pictures of our morning before heading to the gym:
I was inside his circus tent...

He was playing with his frog humidifier while I was inside the tent

He came into the tent with me :-)

We had breakfast and he had 1/2 a bagel and a piece of string cheese. We played and watched some tv... and then it was time to go meet Katie at TLG. Gus had SO MUCH FUN!!!

He loved being able to run around, play, explore, and engage in fun activities. I liked the whole set-up. They had a gathering circle time activity with songs and music and Gus enjoyed it very much. Then they had several "skills of the week" to practice and Gus learned how to do a summersault! He picked up on it really quickly and did them over and over and over again!!

He explored the gym equipment and had a blast. At the end, they did another circle time gathering and while they were singing and created a rhythm... Gus went to the middle of the circle and started dancing, high-kicking, and clapping. He was loving it so much!!!

Here are some pictures:
Waiting to go in... and unsure of what we were going to be doing!

As soon as we got inside, I wasn't sure if he'd be afraid or not... he was not! He was running around and having a blast from the minute we got there until the minute we left!

Running around

Free time to explore and play!

Straddling the low balance beam

Climbing :-)


Such a big boy!

A view of the gym from the back 

He climbed up but couldn't figure out how to get down!

Gus was fearless!

He was screeching and squealing with joy!

Rock wall

Yes... there are older kids in this group! Gus is in the group for 19 months to age 3! I wasn't sure if it'd be a good fit for him (being that he JUST turned 16 months) but he did a GREAT job!! The other group is for 10-19 months and would be too slow-paced for him (there are kids that can't walk yet in there)...

On the high balance beam... he couldn't walk across it (wouldn't even put his feet down) but he climbed on it and then scootched on his belly across!

Fun in the tunnel!

After the class ended I signed him up. How could I not? He literally had the best time ever. So we'll be going every Tuesday at 10:10 and will be in class with Katie and her daughter Emma. I met some other moms today too... and ran into one at Harris Teeter after (her name is Sandra). I think she's actually in my MOMS Club because she's mutual FB friends with a few of my MOMS Club friends. She (Sandra) invited us over to play (she has a son)! It was great!!
Heading home from TLG


We got home from shopping and had lunch and then played upstairs for a bit before nap. Gus napped for three hours and I was able to get a lot of classwork done!!
Playing in the playroom after his nap


Coming down the stairs on his own... (Closing the door)

Gulbike came tonight and I ended up tutoring her for an hour and 45 minutes (and only got paid for one)... I told her mom that we either need to do more time, or another day during the week. She and G are going to talk about it and let me know. I did have fun with G tonight though and we worked on finding the GCF. FUN!!! I love multiples and factors!

Anyway... it was a great day. I talked to my mom and dad tonight, which is always great. I wanted to tell them about Gus's time at TLG and they were happy that he had such a great time. They loved the pictures that I posted on Facebook. :)

I'm going to head to bed and skip anymore class for tonight. I'll make it up tomorrow... I hope Gus gets a lot of sleep tonight!


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