Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 258

September 15th, 2010
Today was a pretty good day. Gus got up around 7:30ish and we went downstairs and had breakfast. I was not able to get a shower this morning which totally sucked. We played for a bit and then headed over to Kristen's for our weekly 9:30 playdate.

Gus and Grace do so well together. It's fun to watch them interact and learn to share with each other. Gus is so easy-going that it's easy for him to get along with other children. If someone wants what he's got, he usually just gives it up and doesn't fuss. Occasionally, he'll decide to keep the object just the piss the other kid off, but usually it's not a big deal and he just goes with the flow. I hope his disposition stays and helps him with peer relationships as he gets older. 

Mind you, I don't want him to be a doormat, and just let others walk all over him... but I hope he stays as even-keeled and easy going as he is now as a toddler.

After Kristen's, we came home and had lunch and then Gus napped for a while. I was able to start back up with my Pharmacology until... it's LONG!! I worked for more than two hours this afternoon. I had thought about working on it after I blog, but I'm going to just go to bed. I'm tired.

Here are pictures from this morning and afternoon:
Breakfast on the screened porch

Playing in the exersaucer at Grace's... it was funny to see him in there!!

I taught Grace how to do a somersault! Gus did one all by himself today and I was so very proud!!!

Looking at herself in a tiny mirror

After his nap he was king of the livingroom!

Coming down the stairs

Dinner at Mamma Mia's

In the car on the way home from Rita's

We went to Mamma Mia's for dinner. I need to learn my lesson... each time I've strayed off my usual and ordered the special I've HATED it. Tonight I had the white eggplant parm and it was absolutely GROSS.  :(  On the positive, Gus had a GIANT piece of pizza and loved it. 

After dinner, we headed to Rita's for some frozen ice. It was delicious! I hadn't had Rita's in a really long time and it was just perfect.

So yesterday on Facebook, friends of mine congratulated my friend Kristen Curley (I taught with her at Oak Grove) for being WRAL's Teacher of the Week. I messaged her and asked how she was selected... was it a nomination or because she was one of the county Teacher of the Year finalists. She wrote me back and said that she was pretty sure that it was from the TOY deal. Then she told me that back in October, WRAL came to Oak Grove to film me (YES... ME) for the Teacher of the Week!! I didn't know this!!

She said that they came to film me, but because I wasn't teaching there anymore, and Oak Grove had just voted her as their 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year, my old principal sent them to her room to film her. When they got to her room, she couldn't be filmed because she was going on a field trip. However... she assumed that I knew this (I didn't) and she wanted to let me know that I was actually selected as the WRAL Teacher of the Week for a week in October of 2010.

Isn't that awesome??? :)  I guess I'm just glad to know it! Obviously since I wasn't teaching at the time, they couldn't use me, but it's still nice to know that had I been working, I would have had my 30 seconds of fame!!

Tomorrow we're going to Lacey's for a playdate with the girls. It's supposed to be a high of 63!!! I'm so excited I can't stand it!!!

Here are other pictures of Gus from a year ago:

See you tomorrow!


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