Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 259

September 16th, 2010
September 16th, 2011

What a beautiful day!! We had temperatures around the 60 degree mark... it was perfect. It was a bit overcast, but really, it was just the most welcomed temperature change and made me realize that fall really is only four days away!! Sometimes being in the South, it feels like it takes FOREVER for it to finally cool off... but I can't complain. I prefer the warmer weather to the cold. Soon enough I'll hear everyone bitching and complaining about how cold it is.  ;-)

Steve had to catch an 8:00 flight this morning and when he went to leave the house, the Beast wouldn't start. DEAD BATTERY. So instead, he had to take Chuck Dio. Normally it wouldn't matter, but we had plans to go to Lacey's this morning and play with the girls. I texted her and let her know that I was sans-car and she and I made plans for them to come over here in the afternoon.

Suzanne came and cleaned and the house NEEDED it in the worse way. It's nice and clean and wonderful again. Here are some pictures of Gus from this morning before his nap:
Quite pleased with himself that he can get on top of the table...

Coming down the stairs

We had lunch and I made Gus chicken nuggets and smile potatoes. He ate a TON of chicken and then crammed it all in his mouth like a chipmunk.

The girls came over to play around 2 and stayed for a few hours. Gus had a great time with them and I enjoyed the visit with Lacey.

Within seconds of their arrival... the sippy stealer had his first victim

Lacey had graham crackers...

Gus and his girls just hanging out

Reagen (on right) was his favorite but now he's decided that he prefers Hadley (middle)

He put his head on her lap and she was stroking his head... it was so cute!

Gus and Hadley reading

So cute

After the girls left I put Gus down for his afternoon nap. I got some schoolwork done, but this Pharmacology unit is a BITCH. I'm 70% done and should be able to finish it tomorrow.

Gus got up around 6 and we headed down for dinner. He had the rest of his chicken and potatoes from lunch and an apple. He ate all of it. :-)

After dinner we listened to music and danced and Gus practiced his sommersault skills.

 Then we went outside to enjoy the cool air and we played out there for a bit...

Then we came inside and watched an episode of The Backyardigans and Gus curled up in my lap and it made my day.

Steve got home around 9:45 and we had a late dinner together and talked about his day and then we watched an episode of Intervention. Tomorrow we're going to the 2nd Annual Holly Springs Chili Cook-off and then getting a new battery for the Beast. I have a nail appointment and I'm getting my eyebrow waxed too. :)

See you tomorrow! (I guess technically it's later today now that it's 12:06am!)


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