Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 296

October 23rd, 2010

October 23rd, 2011

Today was a wonderful day!! I got to sleep in again (Thanks Steve) and then I got to spend a little bit of time with Steve and Gus before heading to FV to take pictures of Kristen and her family.
Steve took this of Gus this morning

Wallet snatcher!!

Giving me the sign for "thank you" because I said, "Thank you" when he gave me back my wallet.  :-)

I headed to Mineral Springs Park in FV and had a few minutes to just check the place out. It's definitely small, but it had just about everything that I needed for a great session.
View of the park

I have to say that I was super nervous before Kristen, Thom, and Grace arrived. I was worried that I wouldn't capture pictures that they'd find worthy of using for anything. It's one thing to take pictures for yourself and have others say they're cute, but it's another story when someone asks you to capture their family on film. 

I spent a lot of time last night getting a list of possible poses to use. I wasn't sure how it'd go with Grace being a toddler, and it helps that I know her, she knows me, and I knew what to expect with her. I am so thankful that Kristen trusted my skills enough to use me as a "real" session with her family. I took over 250 pictures and was able to edit and use over 100 (not too shabby). I made some into black and white, and a couple with some interesting color techniques. Here are my top ten favorite pictures from today (the rest are on my Cat Walker Photography blog):
I LOVE this picture of their hands!

So cute!!

I love this picture of Thom and Kristen!!

We went to the railroad tracks to get a different setting... I love Grace's face in this one!

I was playing with color on this one... I think it turned out awesome!

Such love in Kristen's eyes when looking at her sweet baby girl!

I left the shoot and was totally eager to get on my computer and see the results. I was overjoyed to see that there were some really good shots. Anyone that takes pictures knows, you can take 1,000 pictures and as long as you get one good picture, it's totally worth it. I'm so excited that I got over 100 great shots!

While Steve and Gus were downstairs watching football, I edited pictures. When I was done, I made dinner (Frito Bake-- I'm going to blog the recipe in a minute) and then we watched more football. Here are pictures I took of Gus today:

Eating shredded cheese before dinner

So ready for yummy Frito bake for dinner!

Here are a few pictures from a year ago:

Tomorrow, we've got nothing planned at all. I'm supposed to get with the Denton girls (Allie and Maddie are my former students) for lunch and then going to the park to play. It'll probably be the last time that I see them before we move.  :(

Tuesday we've got Little Gym and then Wednesday we're going to a Fab Five Halloween party at Lacey's and then Wednesday night, Kristen's babysitting for us while Steve and I go see Rock of Ages at the Durham Performing Arts Center! We got free tickets through Yelp! and I'm so excited!!

See you tomorrow!!


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