Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 297

October 24th, 2010

October 24th, 2011

Today was a rough day. Gus was standing on the chair (yes, we tell him not to all the time, but he's in the testing limits phase of development) and unfortunately, it fell and as a result he hit his head and ended up with a bloody nose. When he fell, I immediately went to him and picked him up. He was crying on my shoulder and I assumed it was his tears that I could feel on my skin through my shirt. I tried to soothe him, and when I pulled him away from my shoulder to look at him, I freaked out. There was blood all over and I panicked a bit.

I went to the door and opened it to tell Steve to come in (he was sanding the posts) and he didn't hear me. I yelled three times and finally he looked up (agitated) and then he said, "OH MY GOD" and it made me start crying. He was able to get the blood taken care of (it had stopped) but I was shaking and upset. 

Thankfully, it wasn't anything serious. We kept an eye on Gus and he didn't nap or anything until bed (fear of a concussion), but it was scary.
This is the chair he was standing on (just like in the picture) and it must have tipped backward
Other than that incident, the day was pretty good. Gus's napping was off all day. The poor little guy has so many teeth coming in at once (one of the ones on top is all the way through and the other is making its way), it's no wonder he didn't just lay around and cry all day.

Gus and I played with his Hot Wheels cars this afternoon. He had the truck and I had a car. It kept us busy for quite some time... I put the car down to take some adorable pictures of Gus (wearing his zombie t-shirt) enjoying the fun of playing with a truck.

We were making car and truck noises while playing... he continued the noises while I took pictures

Putting his truck inside the purple tube

Racing his truck along the play space

Racing his truck down the slide

Going through the house

Saying, "Ummmmm" which is his new favorite thing to say (apparently I say "Ummmm" a lot)

We had Pizza Hut for dinner tonight-- it was delicious. Sometimes pizza just really hits the spot. Can't wait for cold pizza for breakfast!!!

I tutored Gulbike tonight and it was enjoyable to work with her on spelling words. I'm tutoring her again next Tuesday and then she's taking the dogs with her to watch them while we're in Atlanta.

I found another house that I LOVE! Here's the info on this one:
Northern Oaks Court (Alpharetta, GA)
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
Total Sqft: 2,729
Great Schools Ratings: Ele- 10  Middle- 10  High- 10
Cons: No screened porch, no pictures of basement, not loving the kitchen (I'd want to redo them)
Features that I love: It's on a large lot (1+ acre) and surrounded by trees!! The backyard has a GORGEOUS pool and nice sized yard in addition to the pool. I LOVE the livingroom and I love the master bathroom/bedroom.
Exterior (HUGE front yard)

Living room is GIANT!

View from upstairs
Kitchen (no fridge and no double-oven)


Entrance to master bathroom (love the double doors)

The master bathroom
Master Bedroom

Back of the house and pool

Awesome pool and side yard with a basketball hoop

Another view of the pool and private backyard surrounded by trees!

 The best thing about this house... it's in our price range!! It's in a nice part of Alpharetta and the schools are incredible. This is my new favorite.  :)
Tomorrow we've got The Little Gym and then I'm going to Wal-Mart to get stuff to make for the Fab Five Halloween party on Wednesday.  :-)

Here are a few pictures from a year ago, and then some black and whites from today and a silly picture of Gus with a bowl on his head.
He loved to snuggle with towels!

See ya tomorrow!


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