Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 324

November 20th, 2010

November 20th, 2011

Where did the weekend go?? I can't believe that tomorrow is Monday and we're almost at Thanksgiving!!

We had a good day today. Gus didn't get up at all during the night (which is always a bonus) and he took a four hour nap this morning/afternoon. :-)

We watched football... the Bengals lost. We also watched "Our Idiot Brother" and it was surprisingly cute! I really enjoyed it.

Here are some pictures of Gus from today:
Gus with Elphie and Daddy

Grabbing is two GIGANTIC frog loveys

We got WONDERFUL news that the appraisal came back all good!!! I'm so relieved! It's fantastic news because it means that the house is OURS!!! We figured out that Steve doesn't have to be in Atlanta to sign off on the house, and we don't have to worry about moving closing. 

So... now our next step is to finalize a moving company and get them scheduled for packing on December 8th, loading the truck on the 9th and driving to Atlanta and unloading on the 10th. We plan on driving down on the 10th and will spend our first night in the new house on Saturday, December 10th!! The movers should arrive on the 10th as well, but might not unload until the 11th.

Tomorrow we have a guy coming to repair the carpet (upstairs and landing) from where the cats have ruined it. I seriously don't want to take the cats to GA with us. I don't want them ruining our new house. I love them, but they drive me crazy. I think we're going to try and see which cat is peeing outside the box and that cat might not be coming to GA with us. Steve thinks it's Hobo... I'm not sure which cat it is.

Suzanne is also coming tomorrow to clean for the last time. I'm sad that it's our last time with her-- I've really enjoyed getting to know her. I'm curious to see if we can find someone to clean our house in GA. It'll probably be a while because financially we can't afford it right now.

Tomorrow we're supposed to head to Lacey's for a Fab Five play date. I'm hoping it's still on... I need to get out of the house with Gus. It's supposed to be in the low 70s all week... so GORGEOUS!!!

See you tomorrow!

Here are pictures from a year ago:
So ready to crawl!


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