Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 330

November 26th, 2010

November 26th, 2011

It's been a really long day.

This morning Gus woke up around 6:30 and since Steve got up early with him yesterday, I got up with him this morning. We went down and had breakfast and Gus decided to throw his bowl (full of cereal and milk) onto the floor. Mama was not too happy about this!!

So I decided that he was done eating and we headed into the livingroom to play for a while. I don't know what time it was when Steve came down, but it was after 9am for sure.

At 10:30 I put Gus down for a nap and hoped that he'd fall asleep before 11. We had plans this afternoon to head up to see A&W and wanted to make sure that Gus had a nap before heading out for the day.

Fortunately, he went down without a problem and slept for two hours. He woke up just as it was time for us to leave. I was able to get in the shower and make two ham and cheese hashbrown casseroles while he was napping. We took one to A&W and the other is for tomorrow morning.

We made it to A&W's by 2:00 (only an hour later than we had planned) and it was FABULOUS to see them and meet baby Dax!! Gus wasn't sure what to make of him, and for the most part wasn't bothered either way. He did, however, see Dax's bottle and want it for himself.

He hasn't seen a bottle since he was 11 months (so it's been seven months already) but as soon as he saw it, he wanted it. Like he was seriously begging for the bottle.
Adri, Dax, Gus and Will (Gus is reaching for the bottle)

Baby Dax and Gus

It was bittersweet to say goodbye today. I'm so very very thankful to have had the chance to meet A&W, for they share a connection with us that no one else does. They're our only friends who have been right there with us through our adventures in open adoption, and I'm so lucky to have been right there with them on their adventure. To finally get to see them holding their son, was so incredible. And while it's amazing, it's sad because we're moving and won't be around to see him grow up.

I pray that our paths continue to cross and we stay in touch with them. Following blogs and keeping up via Facebook is great, but I'd love some face-time. I get to about three months and I say, "It's time for a visit with A&W!!" So that means they have until February/March and they'll need to make a drive to Georgia to see us!!  ;-)

We got in the car and headed home and there was a GORGEOUS sunset tonight. I had to try and capture the beauty... and while the picture doesn't do it justice, hopefully you'll agree that it's pretty amazing!

We stopped at Harris Teeter for some milk, ice cream, and something to make for dinner tonight (I picked the frozen P.F. Chang's Sweet & Sour dinner for 2). We got home and Steve rushed out of the car and went onto the porch because he felt like he was going to throw up. :-(

He gets REALLY bad headaches and had one starting as we left A&W's and it was fully ready by the time we got home. He had a quick bowl of cereal and headed to bed at 6:00.

So... Gus and I watched part of Toy Story 3 while we had dinner (he had a bite of turkey and some cheese-- didn't want anything to do with the rice I made or any of the chicken). 

Then I watched Parenthood from this past week... OMG it's such a good show. I don't know why I never watched it before, but it's my new favorite. The adoption plot is so good too... tonight the couple looking to adopt (she's a lawyer) had their perspective birth mom over for dinner (PBM is the coffee girl at the law office and offered her baby to the woman a few weeks ago)... and they (the perspective birth parents) basically told the potential adoptive parents that they needed $$$ if they were going to give their baby to them. The lawyer said, "It's illegal for adoptive parents to pay birth parents money for a baby" and the PBF said, "Well, you're a lawyer, it's your job to work around the law." YIKES!! It didn't end well and now I'm not sure if they'll be adopting the coffee girl's baby anymore (they had been paying for her medical insurance).

It got me thinking about how shady and scary the whole adoption world is. I've always said that scandalous people could totally take advantage of people looking to adopt. There's nothing contractual (usually) if you don't go through an agency. What's to stop someone from getting pregnant, telling someone they can adopt the baby, taking money, insurance coverage (by law adoptive parents must pay for medical insurance if they are aware that the BM isn't covered), and gifts... only to turn around and change their mind at the very last minute? It happens all the time and there's nothing to prevent it (other than going with an agency... but even that's not 100% guaranteed). 

It's a leap of faith by both parties. The APs are so vulnerable and in a spot where a lot of them are so desperate for a baby, that they'll do just about anything to become parents. And then the BPs (birth parents) have to trust a complete stranger to take their child and raise it. It's such a weird beast.

Anyway... after watching my show, Gus and I came up and it was tubby time. He had a nice long bath and then I put him to bed. Now I'm ready to go on my Sims game and play for a bit, hop on Pinterest and do some Pinning and then go to bed. I am exhausted.

I'm sleeping in tomorrow. I think I've earned it. ;-) I'm leaving you with some pictures of Gus from last year... his visit with Grandma and Grandpa Walker and wearing the Purdue gear that they brought him!


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