Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 331

November 27th, 2010

November 27th, 2011

Today was a good day. It's sad that Steve is leaving for the week... but when he returns on Friday, we'll be spending our last weekend here in NC. Crazy how fast it's all coming together.

I got to sleep in this morning (thanks baby) and came downstairs to the delicious aroma of the world's greatest breakfast: ham and cheese hashbrown casserole. Boy oh boy... it's been a while since we had it and it was sooooooo good! I think it's Gus's favorite food because he had two servings!!! :-)

After breakfast, we watched television and played for a bit. It was a beautiful day today-- in the 70s and just gorgeous! I'm so thankful that we're moving to another warm location (it's even better than NC)! I'd be so depressed if I was moving somewhere where it's cold all the time. I hate cold weather.

Anyway-- here's a picture of Gus from this morning before his nap:
Using the train table to play with his cars, trains, and Mega Blocks

He slept for over two hours today (yay)! He got up and had lunch and then we headed back upstairs to clean our room. I went through Gus's closet and dresser and removed all the summer and too small stuff. No more 12 month stuff for him... he's now in an 18-24 month for pants and usually that or even a 2T for shirts and PJs. My baby isn't getting bigger!
Entertaining himself on our bed while we cleaned

After we got our room cleaned, Gus played in his playroom while we checked email.
Having a meaningful conversation with Hobo >^..^<

I made dinner sides while Steve grilled some chicken. I think our dinner was gross, but I didn't have much of an appetite tonight. I think the stress from the move is getting to me.

Gus did a GREAT job with his dinner and was rewarded with a cookie (that he didn't eat)!

I captured "the look" that he gives us every now and then... it makes us both laugh

Gus went to bed around 8 and I'm praying that he sleeps through the night again tonight (last night was the first night that he wasn't up between 2 and 6).

Steve spent the evening packing for the week. I HATE when he is gone... it makes it so hard to be here alone and not have anything to look forward to all day. I'm going to try and keep us busy so that the week goes by quickly.

Here are some pictures from a year ago:

Such a little bean!


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