Thursday, December 01, 2011

Day 334

November 30th, 2010 (He started crawling!)

Zombie Child from today (November 30th, 2011)

Yes. I purposely picked the zombie picture of Gus for today's post. I don't know if I can accurately describe the mayhem and violent mood-swings that took place today, but I'm going to give it my best shot. ;-)

We started off by getting up and having breakfast and then heading over to Kristen's for a morning playdate. This was a last-minute get-together... not in the original plans for today. When I was talking to Kristen last night, I told her that we'd be going to Fuquay for lunch with Carrie and she said to come on over... so we went over for a little over an hour. Relatively short compared to our usual three-hour playdates.

While at Kristen's, Gus was fine. He and Grace played and had a great time together. He wasn't showing signs of being tired, so I assumed I had made a smart choice by having lunch at 11 with Carrie, so that Gus could get home and nap by 12:30.

What's what you ask? Um... NO. I totally did NOT make a smart choice with our lunch time.
Gus and Grace

Kristen took this one... I think it's so cute!

We got to Ruby Tuesday's and they weren't open yet (they open right at 11 and we were about five minutes early). Carrie was in her van waiting for us and we headed inside. Gus was all smiles. I ordered him the kid's mac-n-cheese and I got the unlimited soup, house salad, and bread lunch special.

We got our soups and I was able to eat my bowl of soup and then all hell broke loose. Gus had a few (and I mean FEW) bites of his mac-n-cheese and then decided that he did NOT want to sit at the table anymore. He started screaming and throwing everything that he could get his hands on. He threw mac-n-cheese, he rubbed it in his hair, he was crying. I tried to give him his sippy with milk, he threw it (thank God for the sippy saver lasso) **Adri, some day in future, you'll experience a moment like this with Dax and you'll thank me for your sippy savers!!**

He would NOT calm down. Then the salads came... I tried giving him croutons (he usually loves them)... he threw them. Okay... not going to eat... so I took him to the bathroom to change him. Nope... not wet (I changed him anyway). Hmmm...

My child was a hot mess. I was so embarrassed. The epic-sized tantrum wouldn't stop, so I had to get my food to go, pay, and head for the car with my screaming/kicking toddler in tow.


So I said to myself, it's got to be that he's tired. Okay... put him down for his nap... he got up at 3:00 and I assumed he'd be in a great mood.
Snuggled in his blanket

Hmmm... he looks happy right?

We went downstairs and I decided to give him a snack, since he DID NOT eat lunch. He wanted string cheese. I went to take it out of the wrapper and he had another GINORMOUS melt-down. I'm talking, lay on the floor and kick and scream kind of fit. Don't believe me that sweet little Gustafer could have such a fit over something as stupid as unwrapping his cheese so he could eat it??? I have proof:

Yeah, and then like a few minutes later:

Can someone tell me what the French is up with going from SCREAMING and having a tantrum one minute, to smiling and laughing the next??? HOLY SHIT. He's a damn roller-coaster of emotions!! >:-{

I ate the cheese while he was having his fit, which probably pissed him off even more, but damn it, it's his fault that I didn't get to have anything more for lunch than soup. 

We (apparently) made up and shared some popcorn. He was happy as a clam to sit on my lap and munch popcorn. WEIRD.

He was pretty happy for the remainder of the night. I felt like I was walking on eggshells with him. I didn't want to disrupt the peaceful evening by doing something so awful like unwrapping cheese. He had ham and cheese hashbrown casserole for dinner and ate an entire bowl!! I had his left-over mac-n-cheese from lunch and my salad that they boxed for me. It was okay.

After dinner, Gus got to enjoy some vanilla bean ice cream for the first time, since it was the first time that he ate his entire dinner. :-) He was a very happy boy.

Saying, "Yummmmmmm" while enjoying his favorite food

He finished his whole bowl and then even had some mac-n-cheese! He was licking the spoon... must have "hit the spot"

A baby bowl of ice cream (seriously, the bowl is for dipping)

We played in the livingroom (I took some funny videos of Gus) and then it was time for his bath. He had dried mac-n-cheese in his hair and stamps on his body from Little Gym yesterday. He LOVES the bath... it's his favorite thing to do!

All ready for bed!

he went down for his bedtime and didn't fight me.

I edited the pictures of the tantrum and then uploaded videos and pics from my camera. Before I did that, I got an app that makes your picture look like a zombie (hence the zombie Gus picture on the top of this post) and then I took some of the pre-existing pics and added mustaches. I think they're funny.

Like how the mustache matches his hair?? LMAO

I'm ready for bed. We're not doing anything tomorrow... I do have to go to Wal-Mart for a few items though. I went online tonight and ordered Gus's birth mom's Christmas gift. I think it's absolutely beautiful and I just hope she loves it. 

When we get moved, I'm going to start the hand-made gifts and then get them shipped by the 15th.

See you tomorrow (now today since my computer is an asshole and took a year to resize/rotate my stupid phone pictures).


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Holy smokes! I hope we get to 18 months before the terrible twos start to make an appearance! Glad he settled down! I know how frustrating it can be to have a fussy boy all to yourself!

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