Thursday, December 01, 2011

Day 335

December 1st, 2010

December 1st, 2011

I can't believe that we're in December. Even more unbelievable is that I've done 335 posts in a row (give or take a few days while on vacation)! I was actually thinking about this while in the shower this morning. It's rare that I ever get any comments from anyone (I've blogged about this in the past)... which makes me wonder if anyone actually reads this. And if they do read, do they not enjoy it? Even a one or two word comment would be nice... I think Adri and Heather win the awards for comments (Thank you both... your comments really do mean a lot!!!). Wendy will occasionally comment, but hasn't recently, and then I think that's it.

I know Steve reads it... he says that he has to read my blog to keep up with me. LOL. So I was thinking about not doing a daily thing after the 365 project is over (December 31st would be the last of the daily posts). Then I talked to my mom today, and she said that my dad absolutely loves reading my blog. She said that each night he goes on and reads it and makes comments to my mom about the pictures. It made me happy. :-)

So, for my few fans that read this daily, I will keep it up. Though, I am not going to use the day of the year for the title... I'm going to get more creative.

Anyway-- I didn't get to bed until late last night (early this morning) because of my computer (tonight was MUCH better). I tossed and turned and it was after 1:30 before I finally fell asleep. Too much on my mind with the move and being a week out... 

I thought for sure that Gus would wake during the night, but he didn't. In fact, I got up at 8 (the light was coming into my room), and he was still sleeping. I was able to get in the shower and get out before he was starting to stir.

After we let the dogs out (Yes, we are the ones responsible for letting the dogs out) we went inside and had breakfast. We shared a packet of Ritz (the individual small packs) and some cream cheese. This is not something I usually eat for breakfast or snacks, but it's something that Steve and Gus share as their weekend routine, and I thought I'd do it for Gus (yeah, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it).

The end of the pack came quickly (there are only 15-20 crackers in a small roll) and sure enough, Gus threw a fit because the roll was empty. I took a video of him stomping around the livingroom and sent it to Steve via text... I said, "In case you were wondering what fun you were missing."  :-)

Gus and I played in the livingroom--- it's TRASHED. I can't wait to get into a house with a basement and move all this stuff downstairs. It'll be so nice to have a main floor that's clean and presentable at all times. The basement can be a train wreck with all Gus's stuff... but the upstairs will be our sanctuary. :-)
Enjoying crackers

Hee hee hee... is there anything funnier than a baby with a mustache???

Shortly after his tantrum over the crackers (yes, he turns into Zombie Gus)

(It was empty) Gus likes to take the caps on and off of plastic bottles, milk jugs, and juice containers- I think it's excellent for fine-motor development!

Focused on something...

I put Gus down for his morning/afternoon nap at 12 and he slept until about 2:30. We then had lunch and headed to Wal-Mart for our last grocery trip in North Carolina (that's weird to say).
All snuggled in his blanket

We got back from grocery shopping and it was 4:00. I was supposed to tutor Gulbike tonight, but something came up. I'm not going to see her until Wednesday night.

It was actually nice to not have to scramble to get the house cleaned up. We had breakfast for dinner... I made Belgium waffles (in the waffle maker that my husband SWORE was a waste of money because I'd never use it) and sausage links that were in the freezer. I'm trying to use up as much stuff from the fridge and freezer as I can before we go. 

Something VERY interesting happened while I was making dinner. Gus was in the livingroom and I was in the kitchen, and it was time to eat. So I put him in his chair and then went to find the remote to put the music on, and when I walked into the livingroom, I saw a HUGE pile of tissues on the floor. Gus had taken all the tissues out of the box.

I said, "Oh... My... Goodness!!! Gus... did you take all the tissues out of the box????" and he said, "uh uh" and shook his head no (this is his new favorite thing to do- everything is no). Then I said, "Gus.... did you do this????" and to my utter shock, he nodded yes and said "uh huh." I was flabbergasted.

Maybe it was not as clear as I recall it to be, but he definitely admitted that he did it. I said, "These tissues are for wiping our noses... we don't waste them." And he made a sad face and looked like he wanted to cry. So I went over and gave him a hug and a kiss and I thanked him for being honest with me. Now... does he know what that means? Probably not, but I am amazed that he admitted that he did something and then was showing remorse for what he did.

:-) That's my zombie!

We had dinner and then played in the livingroom for a bit before bedtime. He went down without a fight. I hope he sleeps all through the night.

I talked to Steve on the phone (briefly) and then came on to blog. I'm ready for bed and super excited that it's just turning 10:00 and I'm done blogging for the night!!

We are going to Kristen's in the morning for a playdate. It's probably one of the last ones that we'll have before we go. :-(

I'm eager for Steve to get home and for us to enjoy our last weekend in NC together.

Here are a few pictures from a year ago:
I'm excited to put our tree up!! One more weekend and it's going up!!

Peaceful days... 


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Just wanted to let you know that I read daily and have for some time now but never comment. Gus is so cute!!!

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Ok I will comment. Enjoy reading about what Gus is up to.

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