Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 332

November 28th, 2010

November 28th, 2011

Steve left for Atlanta this morning. BOO. At least it's the last time that we'll be separated in two cities due to moving. I'm so thankful that World 50 has been so supportive and understanding about him commuting and working from here while trying to finalize everything. I'm sure it's because they haven't hired anyone from out of state before and have nothing set as a standard... but they're SUPER flexible and accommodating. It doesn't hurt that they're a small company too and can do whatever they think is right when it comes to their employees.

Gus and I had a pretty good day today. I had wanted to take him to the park this morning after his nap, but it was rainy and wet... so we rocked out to music and read together instead.

We had ham and cheese hashbrown casserole for breakfast and while Gus was gobbling his chow, I noticed that he was actually using his RIGHT hand to eat. I took pictures and sent them to Steve... but as soon as I did, he switched back to his left hand. Doctors say that it's too early to know which hand will be dominant, but he does use his left for eating and coloring/drawing.

We had a pretty good morning of just playing and hanging out. He didn't get up until 8:00 or so... BUT he was up until MIDNIGHT! He was in his room talking and laughing all night. It was quite weird if I'm going to be honest. I'm not sure why he was chatty and I don't even want to know who he was talking to...

Gus went down for his nap and slept for about three hours. While he napped, I worked on my FREE Shutterfly calendar. I was able to finish it after tubby time tonight. I also talked to my mom during Gus's nap- it was GREAT to talk to her! :-)

After Gus got up, we had lunch and I headed to Jodi's to pick up the shirt that I ordered for Gus's stocking. It's the cutest thing!! She's in my MOMS Club and made the tuxedo shirt for Gus... well this one is even cuter!!

We got home and Gus played with the dogs and then we read together for a while. I watched some television while he played and then we switched it over to our "Today's Hits" channel and listened to music for the remainder of the evening.

So, while Gus played, I did watch Sister Wives from last night. HOLY. SMOKES. What an incredible episode! I'm fascinated by the whole concept and enjoy watching the show. It's not something I could ever do, or would want to do, but it's interested for sure. Anyway-- the very last thing that happened in the show was just awesome. 

I'm going to write a whole blog post about Sister Wives and the event in this last episode and how it affected me.

Tomorrow we've got Little Gym in the morning. It'll be our last class. I'm sad because I made some great friends there, and Gus really loves going. I hope we can find something like it in Johns Creek.

Here are some fun pictures of Gus from a year ago-- trying to sit up on his own (not able) and then standing up on his own for the very first time (he was six months).


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