Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 333

November 29th, 2010

November 29th, 2011

Today wasn't bad. We got up and had breakfast and Wendy and Ashley came over for a quick visit before Gus and I headed to The Little Gym for our last class. I had to drop off the DVD player that I borrowed at Amie's shower... so I left a little early to drop it off to Laura.

Gus's last class was fun. He had a great time on the jumpy and we were treated to a wonderful class with Oliver and Melanie (they usually go to the Thursday class, but came today as a make-up class). Oliver is such a cutie and Gus had fun with him today. 

At the end of class, we said our goodbyes and then Kelly had something for me in her car. Her brother in law makes these wooden snowmen, and she got us three... each has our name on it and the "Steve" snowman is the tallest, then there's a "Cathy" and a baby "Gus." It's perfect for our front steps at the new house!!! :-)

Here are the pictures from TLG:

Gus was able to jump on his own on the jumpy!

The Skill of the Week was to touch their toes to the scarves... Gus decided to just do a flip

Waiting patiently for his stamps...

I stopped at Taco Bell for lunch and then came home and we had lunch. Then it was time for Gus's nap, and while he napped I played on the computer and started cleaning out my bottom portion of the bathroom sink. 

Then Gus got up and we played in his playroom for about an hour or so before coming back downstairs for the night. 

After dinner, I put Gus to bed and then I went online to Craig's List and searched for the Step 2 Roller Coaster. Gus LOVED the one he rode on at the new house (the current owners have one). I found a posting for the Roller Coaster X-Treme (regularly $240 and posted for $80)! I jumped right on it and the lady said it was mine... but then said I needed a truck to come get it (she's in North Raleigh). When I told her that I have a Ford Edge, she said even with taking it apart, it wouldn't fit. BOO! So instead I'm going to keep looking for the roller coaster and hope I can find one. If not, I'll just get him a new one for his birthday (not until May). I've got plenty to time to keep my eyes peeled for one. New ones are $100... so it's a matter of finding one cheaper.

Anyway, tomorrow we're going to meet Carrie Wilkerson (MOMS Club friend) for lunch and then we're coming home. Thursday and Friday we have playdates. It should make the rest of the week go by and then Steve will finally be here!! Next week is going to be CRAZY!!!

Here are pictures from a year ago:


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