Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 327

November 23rd, 2010

November 23rd, 2011 (Live in concert)

We had a pretty good day today. Gus woke up around 6am and needed a change and was back to sleep in no time at all. We got to sleep past 8am and then had to go in and wake him for his 9am appointment.

We headed to the pediatrician's office for his flu-shot appointment. Steve came with us and I was thankful to have him there. Gus played at the train table until he was called back.

When we were called back, the nurse said, "Now, he hasn't had a fever for at least 48 hours right?" I said, "He's had one..." which then led to us not being able to get the flu shot today. We were able to squeeze in to see the doctor. It was a new lady, and she said his lungs sounded great, his ears were clear, and his throat was fine. Just he just has a bit of a cold, but nothing serious at all.

We headed home and played for the morning and then Gus went down for his nap while Steve went to lunch with a former co-worker.
Live and in concert-- he loves to sing into the microphone as I watch the X-Factor

Gus was still sleeping when Steve got home. I was in the middle of starting to brine my turkey, so Steve went and got Gus. We fed him lunch and then I had to leave for my nail appointment. I was gone for over an hour and a half!

I got home and we watched tv for a bit and then ordered pizza for dinner. Here are some pictures of Gus from this afternoon:
Such a climber

He loves his frog!

Giving it a hug

This afternoon while Gus was napping and Steve was off lunching... I had some quiet time to myself. I was laying in my bed and I just started crying. Like sobbing. I think it's a combination of things, but I know one of the big things is that I'm homesick again. I can't go very long without seeing my parents before I get really sad. It's been three months and I'm just in desperate need of their company. :( It's going to be another month at least before I can see them.

I'm also slowing coming to terms with our move and while it's exciting to start a new chapter of my life, it's scary as hell. I hate new situations and being unfamiliar with where I am. North Carolina has never felt like home to me... maybe I knew that it wasn't where we'd be for the long haul. I don't know. I'm just praying that Georgia is where I feel happy, settled, and comfortable.

I'm sad that I won't be spending Thanksgiving with family or friends. I love being around people that I love and care for, and sharing the holidays is something that I've always enjoyed. So, to be spending it with just Steve and Gus is a bit disappointing, but I'm thankful to have them in my life. 

We're going to eat an incredible meal, watch movies all day, and be happy to be in our comfy clothes in the comfort of our own home. I know there are MANY people who DREAD and LOATHE the holidays... and just about everyone who has asked me what we're doing tomorrow, has said, "LUCKY YOU" when I say we're staying home.

Here are a few pictures of Gustafer from last year:

We got some GREAT- WONDERFUL- INCREDIBLE news today... the "desk review" for the house is complete and approved!! So we're all clear to close on December 8th!!! I'm so thankful and relieved to know that all the hurdles are behind us and all we have to do now is drive to Georgia!!!

Gobble! Gobble!


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