Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 326

November 22nd, 2010

November 22nd, 2011

I'm not sure what the heck the problem is with my computer, but it just took 45 minutes to upload my pictures on here for me to blog. I'm so annoyed.

This morning we got up and had breakfast. Gus had already had a light breakfast with Steve (apple sauce, crackers, cheese), so when I had my cereal (Life), he wanted some too. I made him a little bowl with VERY little milk, but he was delighted. He kept making his "ummmmmmmm" noise that he makes to show appreciation for something delicious. It was so cute. He was watching everything that I was doing, and mimicking it. He was even watching me through his bowl...

Now that he's mastered the spoon... the world of eating opportunities has opened so much for Gus!

Silly boy

Watching me through his bowl  :-)

We had Little Gym today, so I got Gus dressed and packed up for class. Today was a good class. The focus for this week and next is colors. Next week is our last class and it's also "Bring A Friend Week" so we're going to invite Grace. :-)

They brought out the parachute and it kinda freaked Gus out a bit (he also ran into another child and was crying in the middle... poor little man.

Fun under the parachute

Totally done with the parachute and ready to play elsewhere

Gus spent a LOT of time in the GIANT tunnel today!

Skill of the Week with Miss Ally: Pull up on the high-bar... Gus did a GREAT job!!!

He did a great job hanging from the bars today!

We went to Wal-Mart for some groceries after Little Gym, then got home and had lunch and put Gus down for a nap. I decided to take a nap as well... it felt wonderful.

I got up and headed downstairs. We didn't do much else this afternoon... Steve made dinner (pork chops, baby potatoes, and carrots) and it was delicious! 

Tomorrow we're going to get Gus's flu shot... and then Steve's got lunch plans with a former Burt's co-worker and then I've got my nail appointment.

I started defrosting my turkey and tomorrow I'll start the 24-36 hour brining process. It's going to be delicious!!

See you tomorrow!
Here are some picture of Mr. Gustafer from a year ago...

Totally trying to crawl!

He was scootchin' but not yet crawling


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