Saturday, January 28, 2012

Honey Badger

So I just found out what a honey badger is... It's a kick-ass little animal that doesn't take any shit from any other animal. It is now one of my new favorite animals. If you haven't seen the YouTube video of the honey badger and the snake... you're missing out. Seriously, the snake is biting the honey badger and it keeps on eating it... like it's saying, "Bite me all you want... I'm still going to eat you." Then the poison from the snake knocks the honey badger out for two hours... he wakes up, and just continues to eat. LOL

Anyway... we had a GREAT day today!!! This morning, Gus woke up around 4am and we went up and changed him and put him back to bed and he slept until 9:15!!! Crazy crazy crazy right?!?!?!

We took showers and then headed out to get our errands done while Gus was awake and happy. We hit Kohl's and I printed a 20% off coupon before we went... it ended up saving us $28! Steve got a TON of shirts on clearance and I was able to get Gus some Play-Doh, the fun factory (it was $6!!) and the book "Once Upon A Potty" with sounds on the side. :-)

After Kohl's we went to try and get Gus's hair cut, but the place we went to only takes appointments (boo). Maybe during the week I'll try to take him. Then we went to Target and we got Gus a froggy potty (we have the toilet potty for the bathroom down here, but I'll use the froggy one in the livingroom and it'll be where ever we go so we're close to a potty). I'm going to make up a cleaning solution for the carpets so that if/when he goes... I can clean it up. We'll be having some naked time for sure... and I'm certain there will be accidents on the carpet.

After Target we headed to Kroger for our weekly grocery shopping. Then we came home and had lunch and then after lunch Gus went down for his nap and while he was sleeping, I was able to get the last three boxes unpacked and put away!! They were the boxes in our office and made the room look a bit disheveled. Now it looks GREAT!!!

I took some pictures of Gus today with my good camera... I think they're super cute!

Gus was the referee between Ned and Elphie

Once Gus was up from his nap (he slept for about two hours) we headed to Longhorn to celebrate Steve's birthday (tomorrow). We didn't have a wait at all... but because it wasn't busy, all our food came out at once (even though I requested that she wait to put it in and not to bring it out until we were done with our salads). We had a free appetizer... now I remember why we never order appetizers! Restaurants can't get their timing right when you have an appetizer.

Anyway... our dinners weren't awful, but it wasn't the best Longhorn experience either. Gus had a good time and did a great job sitting in his booster that we brought with us. He's too big for the high chair, but too busy for the restaurant boosters (that don't have a lap belt to keep him strapped in).

The boys coloring

Totally a lefty...

"Gus... where's the horse??"

Hee hee hee... totally told them that it was Steve's birthday and they came and sang to him.  :-)

Gus did not like their singing

"What??? Ice cream???"

All in all it was a productive day and now I'm ready to go play some games!!! See ya tomorrow!!!


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