Friday, January 27, 2012

What A Day!

So GREAT to see him smiling today

We had a minor scare today... Gus was REALLY hot after his nap (he slept for about three and a half hours and woke up around 2). I couldn't find any batteries for our thermometer and couldn't find the rectal one that Wendy gave us. All that stuff was packed and is basically in no-man's land in either the basement or the attic. 

Anyway, I texted Steve and told him that I was worried and for him to stop at CVS and get a rectal thermometer and some Vaseline for Gus. Maybe it's a guy thing... but Steve was quite alarmed and not happy about sticking anything up Gus's toosh. I told him that you get the most accurate temperature through that end... but he wasn't happy about it.

So I eventually found batteries that worked and the ear/forehead/mouth digital one that we got when Gus was a few weeks old. It's not the best and gives random readings. I used it on myself before trying it on Gus and it said I had a temperature of 98.9 (totally average). So when I tried it on Gus, it said 102.5 and I freaked out.

I went online to find out what I needed to do to bring down his fever. It said unless it was over 103, there wasn't a definite need to take him to the dr, but to watch it closely. I gave him Tylenol, took his clothes off and let him run around in a diaper, gave him lots of liquid (cold water) and liquid food (applesauce and yogurt). He had a pretty decent appetite for lunch, so I was happy about that. 

I did notice that while he was sleeping, a tooth came through on the bottom (next to the two on the bottom). He's had a really runny nose all day and I assume the fever is going with the nasty poo and teething.

I monitored the temperature every 20 minutes and it slowly came down to 99.1 and I was happy. It was scary for a while though. He wasn't acting like he didn't feel well, but it was definitely noticeable that he had a fever. 

I think I'm going to just call the pediatrician's office next time and not wait it out... better safe than sorry.

Steve got home from work and Gus was so happy to see him. They had some popcorn and we watched The Polar Express again for the third time this week. Gus absolutely LOVES the train... it's a cute movie and he usually plays while it's on, but tonight he pretty much snuggled in Steve's lap and just watched his movie. 

I made beef stroganoff for dinner. It wasn't terrible, but wasn't my favorite. Steve seemed to enjoy it. Gus had grapes and banana for dinner because he didn't want to try the noodles or the beef. I didn't think he'd like it.

Tomorrow we're going to Longhorn for dinner to celebrate Steve's birthday (on Sunday he'll be 37)!!! His final birthday gift arrived today and I'm so happy it came before Sunday. :-)
If you look close enough, you can see the giant stream of drool coming out of his mouth

Gus decided to take a screen shot of his monster that he made on my iPhone. Yes... he knows how to take screen shots... and he knows how to buy apps... like this monster maker app. He decided to buy it for himself. He bought another one today too. He's too smart for his own good!!


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