Monday, January 23, 2012


This morning Gus and I went to our first MOMS Club event here in GA. It was a bit different from my MOMS Club in NC... mainly that so far, it's drama-free. :-)

The house that we went to for the playdate was INCREDIBLE. I'm talking my dream kitchen and dream backyard and pool. It was absolutely jaw-droppingly (a new word I just invented) beautiful inside.

The moms were really nice. There were eight moms and eight kiddos... and six of the kids were BOYS!!! There were two girls, but Gus didn't interact much with them. He had so much fun playing with the boys!! They ranged from 10 months to just turned two and it was so fun to watch them play together. 

Gus was so sweet (as usual)- one boy dropped his sippy cup and Gus rushed over to get it and brought it right back to him. He is just the sweetest little man ever. He makes me so proud to be his mama!

We stayed at the house for about an hour and a half and then it was time to head out. I really liked all the women at the playdate. I asked a little about MOMS Club and it's a bit different from NC because they don't have a website... I suggested creating a FB group so that they can add events through FB and you can see who RSVPd. They thought it was a BRILLIANT idea (Yes, I suggested the same thing to my NC MOMS Club and it was shot down). They don't do monthly meet-n-greet events, but said it sounded like a good idea as well. They try to have something each week and they do a monthly MNO (just had their January MNO last night). They have about 30 members, but the play group that we joined is the only active one in the group.

We'll see... not sure what happens now. I paid the $20 and gave them my info. Hopefully I'll be added to a roster and added to emails. I'll email the one girl tonight about that.

The rest of our day was uneventful. Gus took a three and a half hour nap and then we watched The Polar Express after his nap. He LOVES trains, and was totally hooked on the movie because of the train. :-)

Tomorrow our cleaning crew comes and Steve bids us ado for the week. He'll be in California (LA and San Francisco) until Thursday night. I'll miss him, but at least I feel safe in this house and in our neighborhood. It's his first trip since moving here... he's taking the MARTA to the airport... so I'm hoping it goes well for him.

See ya tomorrow!


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