Monday, March 12, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #72

A Year of Gratitude #72: 2nd Birthday is Planned

I feel quite accomplished! I was able to get Gus's second birthday party planned! We will be having his party at Gymboree on Saturday, May 12! I picked one of the party favors that comes with the party package (we are going with the bubbles and bubble blower) and then I went onto Oriental Trading Company tonight and ordered the remaining party favors. 

He'll be having a train themed party, so I ordered train whistles for each child, as well as conductor hats (how cute is that), and bouncy balls that light up when they bounce. I figure, these things plus the bubbles and a balloon for each child should be a wonderful goodie bag.

We'll need to get a cake... or we might just do cupcakes (not 100% sure on that yet). There's a Domino's pizza right there, so we'll probably order a few pizzas (not to provide dinner for everyone, but a slice of pizza should be sufficient). I think it'll be a wonderful birthday party for Gus.

I ordered him a personalized birthday shirt from an awesome Etsy shop. It's a blue shirt with the number 2 on the front, the number 2 on the back and GUS written on the back. I think it's awesome.

When we head to MI, we'll be having a birthday party with Gus's side of our family on Saturday, May 19. Sharon has offered her lake house for us to use again, so that'll be a lot of fun.

On Sunday, May 20th, we'll be celebrating Gus's 2nd birthday along with Charlie's 1st birthday. We'll probably have it at a park. I've got some special friends in MI that we'll be inviting to that (Anne). I'm excited to be home and celebrate with family and friends!! Not sure yet if our IN family wants to do something special, but I'm sure if they do, we can make it happen!! Sue Ann loves to throw parties, so maybe we can get her to put something together for us and Steve can have Greta come over for it. We'll see...

I can't even begin to say how delighted I am that we have made some really incredible friends here. I credit this to joining the MOMS Club. My Monday playgroup is so awesome. I really enjoy going each week and I love that Gus loves his little friends. 

The move here was hard, but I am so thankful that we've adjusted as quickly as we have. We have a friend coming over tomorrow to play and then on Thursday we're going to the Aquarium. Next Wednesday, we'll be going to the zoo with some other friends and it should be a lot of fun.

I feel accomplished and happy, and so so incredibly grateful.


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