Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #75

A Year of Gratitude #75: Our Aquarium Passes

This year for Christmas, my mom and dad gave us annual passes for the Georgia Aquarium. Since Gus is free until he's three, we have a pass for me, and a guest pass for anyone who'd like to come with me. 

The entrance for the aquarium is like $25 per adult and that doesn't include the Dolphin Show (another $10). The annual pass was like $70 per adult so $140 total. I figure, we'd have to go to the aquarium at least six times to make it worth the money. We've gone twice, and this last time, we took a friend, so it would have cost $95 so far... 

We love the aquarium. It's been awesome to have somewhere to go when it's been cold, or rainy. Now that it's spring break time, it's super busy and once school gets out, will probably stay busy. We'll be able to go and enjoy the lack of a crowd again in September and October.

We took Aubree and Kathryn this past week and had a great time. Gus did really well with staying near me and not running off AT ALL. YAY GUS!! I'm thankful that he's a good listener and stayed close to me the whole time. He and Aubree had fun together and it was nice to have Kathryn there with me to talk to and enjoy the sights.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this trip:

I'm thankful that my parents gave us this wonderful gift, and we can go anytime we'd like and enjoy the aquarium.


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