Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Month of Gratitude: Day 13

Day 13: Afternoon Play dates with Friends

Today was COLD. Like a high of 31 kind of cold.

Last week, a good friend invited us over for an afternoon play date. I wasn't sure how Hugh would do without his afternoon nap and thought he'd maybe sleep while out if he was super tired (I was wrong). I accepted and looked forward to today.

We arrived with our Ziggle and Gus was ready to ride up and down the driveway. More and more friends arrived and we were surrounded by a total of 12 kids and it was so fun.

The kids played out in the backyard for a bit and then came inside to play in the basement. My friend made a traditional Brazilian dessert for everyone to try (Rain Balls) and while the kids played, the delicious smells of her cooking were coming down the stairs. When it was time to head up, the kids couldn't wait for "donuts!!"

We enjoyed the delicious treats and then headed outside for some fun on the driveway. Gus had a blast and I enjoyed sitting in the warm sun and listening to the giggles, laughs, and chatter of 9 kiddos all around the same age (and then three babies).

What a wonderful afternoon!

Hugh watching Gus ride his Ziggle

I'm thankful for the friends that invited us over to play and to the other friends that came over too. It made it such a fun afternoon.

I'm also thankful that while it was really cold, the sun warmed it up so that it wasn't frigid and everyone could endure the cold for a while.


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