Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10

Today was a pretty good day. Gus went down for a two-hour nap and it gave me some time to keep working on the calendar. That thing is a pain in the butt to make!! I don't think Steve appreciates the amount of time and effort put into making it (then again, maybe he does).

Gus slept later than usual this morning, which was AWESOME! I have been feeling extra tired lately. Then we went downstairs and played for a little bit. After his nap, we decided to pull out the dino rider that he got for Christmas. It's a rider/walker that transitions so that he can ride when he's little, and then when he's better at walking, he can convert it to a walker thingy. I think it's pretty cool.

Anyway, so at Christmas I put him on it and pushed him around the livingroom because his feet didn't quite reach the ground. When I put him on it today... not only did his feet reach, but he was able to move himself! He's so awesome!!
Gus on his dino... checking to see if I was still watching him...

My GNO got cancelled tonight and so did my first Scentsy party. Wendy's girls are sick and she needed to be there with them. I hope they get better this week because they're going to Texas for a week and I hope to see them before the leave, AND it's no fun being sick and being on vacation!!

I've been reading "Sliding into Home" by Kendra Wilkinson. I absolutely HATED her before reading the book and now I am 100% on her side. She had a rough childhood... and while I don't necessairly agree with being a Playboy bunny, the way she describes everything makes it make sense for her (if that makes sense). Anyway, it's been interesting so far and I'm over 1/2 done. I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow... Gus turns eight-months-old tomorrow. I think for tomorrow's blog, I'm going to list all the milestones that "What to Expect the First Year" lists for the eighth month... and I'll post my thoughts on them. It should make it fun to go back and read in February!

So... until tomorrow...


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