Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11

Gustafer Gustafson-- 8 Months Old!

Making a funny face at me!

So today Gus turned eight-months-old and we celebrated by playing all day. :)  It sleeted last night and we woke up to icy roads and everything covered in ice. Steve went to work despite my protests, but made it there and back safely.

So... yesterday I said I would post some of the things that Gus "should" be doing in the eighth month... here they are and then my thoughts on them. This comes from "What to Expect the First Year" and is from chapter 12 (The Eighth Month).

  • It says that Gus will develop his sense of humor and will laugh a lot (this already happens... he thinks EVERYTHING is funny)
  • He could string together vowels and consonants and say "ma-ma" or "da-da" (Can't wait!!)
  • He will start to understand what "no" means and most likely not like it
  • Bear some weight on legs when held upright (does this)
  • Feed self a cracker (he's trying)
  • Rake with fingers an object and pick it up in fist (does this)
  • Turn in the direction of a voice (does this)
  • Look for a dropped item (does this)
  • Pass a cube/object from one hand to the other (sorta does this)
  • Stand holding on to someone or something (YES!!)
  • Object if you try to take a toy away (HE CRIES)
  • Work to get a toy that's out of reach (does this)
  • Play peekaboo (not yet)
  • Get into sitting position from stomach (YES)
  • Creep or crawl (YES)
  • Pull up to standing position from sitting (Not from sitting... but from being on his belly)
  • Pick up tiny objects with any part of thumb and finger (Not yet)
  • Play patty-cake or wave bye-bye (he's starting to wave)
  • Walk holding onto furniture-- cruise (YES)
  • Stand alone momentarily (not yet-- haven't tried)
  • Start to "baby-sign" if you've been doing it with him (can't wait to see him sign to me)
  • Stand up while in his crib (YES)
  • Drink from a cup independently (he tries but can't quite get it yet)
  • Stand alone well (NO)
  • Play ball by rolling a ball back and forth (NO)
  • Eating less and less formula (NO)
  • Eating three meals a day by 9 months (NO)
  • Aware of strangers and fearful of them (not yet)
  • Attachment to security items (he loves his towel, but isn't attached to it)
Holy smokes!!! Looks like we're going to have a fun month!!!
Until tomorrow...


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