Sunday, January 09, 2011

Day 9

Holy smokes was today an amazing day!! It started off with a bang and kept gaining momentum all day long! So the first thing that made today incredible was that Gus stood up by himself (using something to hold, of course)! It's like he went from just being able to sit up unassisted to trying so hard to stand up by holding onto something. Well, he figured it out and is now on a roll!

Laughing while standing up in his crib

My little guy is so clever... he was supposed to be taking a nap and instead, he decided to try and stand up in his crib! A few days ago he had tried to stand up and would fall, and I had Steve lower the mattress. Thank goodness we did it when we did!! I decided that all of Gus's naps will be taking place up here in his crib from now on. No more of this sleeping wherever and whenever nonsense!

So I decided at 2 to bring him up and put him in his room. I figured even if he doesn't sleep, he needs to get used to being in there for "quiet time." It'll be beneficial when he gets a little older. So imagine my surprise when I went in to check on him and saw him standing up smiling at me!! As my dad would say, "What a little turkey!!"

Then later this afternoon, I got out his standing table (can't think of what it's called) and he was actually able to use it!! He can stand and play and just hold onto the toy! I'm amazed!!

The last thing that made me just sit and be amazed at his abilities was when I was feeding him tonight. I think I've said this before, but Gus is not a HUGE fan of solid foods. He prefers his bottle. Well, this is going to bite us in the ass if we don't put a stop to it (he'll only be using a bottle until he's a year... and then no more forumla). So the other day at Wendy's she gave him some yogurt with a metal spoon and he LOVED it!

I decided to not use plastic spoons anymore, and to try the metal thinking it would make a difference. It didn't matter yesterday, but, when I tried to feed him with the metal spoon, he wasn't really hungry. So today, when I fed him, I did the vanilla yogurt and he LOVED it!! YAY!!!

Not sure how long I can keep giving him yogurt, but at least it's a start, and a step in the right direction!

After Gus finished his yogurt, I decided to try the Gerber puffs again. The last few times that I've given them to him, he has made this crazy face and coughed and acted like he was gaging. So this time, he tried them and liked them! Then I gave him some cheese doodle puffs and not only did he like them, but he was self-feeding!!! I could not believe my eyes!!! He's so absolutely incredible to me!!

I'm sure that what he was able to do today isn't "spectacular" to most people, and who knows, maybe he's right on track developmentally with being able to do these things, but I was amazed and so proud of him!!

Tomorrow is Gus's last day as a seven-month-old... I wonder what'll happen in the eighth month???

Until tomorrow...


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I love the pics! So nice to watch him grow.

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