Sunday, January 09, 2011

Week 1: My Niece Aine Week 2: My Soldier

Weeks 1 and 2 Letters

Because I am starting this project a little late, I decided to send two letters this week so that I'd be on-track.

Week 1:
I decided to send a letter to my niece Aine. She's also my God Daughter and is just the most delightful little person! I love seeing her and miss her terribly. She's funny and sweet, and an absolute joy to be around. She likes to dance and be around family, and absolutely ADORES babies and little children. I think she'll be an excellent mommy one day, and I can see her as a pediatric doctor/nurse, teacher, or pediatric dentist. Someone who works with kids for sure!!

I wrote her a letter and then drew a picture for her to color and then she can hang it up in her room. It's a jungle picture with a hippo, giraffe, lion, and zebra. I hope she likes it!!

Week 2:
I am on the Letter Writing Team (LWT) for Soldiers' Angels and have adopted a soldier until he/she comes home. My soldier's name is Javier and he's new to me (my previous soldier just came home!!), so I sent him an email a few days ago to introduce myself, and then I'm sending him a letter this week.

Soldiers' Angels is an amazing group and I encourage everyone to check out their "Adopt a Soldier" program. It's an easy way to make someone's day and to give back to those who are giving so much for us. It's free to join and all you're asked to do is correspond with your assigned solider through snail mail, email, or packages. Easy right?

See you next week...


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