Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 72

Well today was totally wacky because of the time change. I HATE when we "Spring Ahead" and lose an hour of sleep, and I never knew how bad it'd be with a baby. It threw Gus's whole day off!! 

Steve got up with Gus this morning and then he made his famous cheesy hashbrown casserole. I came downstairs and didn't know he had made it and it was in the oven cooking. I could kinda smell it, but wasn't 100% sure... so when I asked him if he made breakfast, he pointed to his empty cereal bowl and said yes. I had a moment of disappointment, and then I saw the blue bowl in the sink (it's the perfect size for mixing everything together before baking). I knew he made it and instantly got excited!! I love Sundays when Steve makes breakfast!!!

While we had breakfast, Gus played. He decided to try and be a dare-devil and climb into his swing. I meant to close the tray but forgot...
This was seconds before he fell onto the floor, rolled over and kept going. Not a tear at all. He's not afraid of anything!!!

Gus decided to help Steve with the laundry this morning... it was too cute not to take a picture:

I organized my Scentsy stuff (after yesterday's impromptu party) and now it's all ready for Wendy's party. I hope someone has a party from her party and I can actually start making money from selling the stuff. It's such a great product and it should be cake to sell, but no one seems to want to buy it. It makes me disappointed. If you're reading this and want to support my business... check out my website and BUY from me!!! Here's my link: Cathy's Scentsy

Anyway, I organized that and then we decided to try and practice walking. Well, I am so glad I did because I told Steve to get his phone and record us trying and he captured Gus taking his very first "real" steps!!! I am so proud of him. He's just barely ten months old and is a rock star!!! The video is posted on this blog, so just look through and you'll find it.
 Gus was tired all day and only took one nap today. Wendy came over with the girls around 4:30ish and it was so great to see them! It's felt like a year since I saw them! I made dinner for us and the girls had mac-n-cheese while we had BBQ chicken packets (bbq sauce on chicken tenders with green beans and red potatoes in a foil packet baked). It was yummy!!

Tomorrow I'm going to go to Wendy's to watch The Bachelor. It's the last episode and I can't wait to see who he picks (I hope he picks Emily). I'll probably blog earlier tomorrow and then post about who he picked on Tuesday, since it'll be after 10 when I get home.

See you tomorrow!


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