Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 75

The question of the day is this, "Where has my baby gone???" Seriously! Gus has been taking a few steps here and there and it's HUGE but today he took multiple steps in a row without falling... which would make it walking! The boy just turned ten months and he's already walking. Incredible. It makes me so very proud of him and yet, a little bit sad too.

To say that Gus has a personality is an understatement. He's so funny and clever. He thinks everything is funny and when it's not making him laugh, it's making him cry. LOL.He loves his daddy, but always looks to see where I am and checks to see what I'm doing. He loves me and is a mama's boy and there's nothing bad about that!!

Today we got up and I decided to take pictures for round two of Gussie O'Walker. Today's outfit was the first one that I bought and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Let me just say that Gus wore it well. ;)   Here are my favorites from today's photo shoot:

Wendy and Ashley came over for a little bit this morning and we watched Teen Mom 2 together. I'm so glad that we like the same kind of shows so we can watch together and then discuss them. Today was no exception as we discussed the idiots on TM2. We both got super excited (I think I got more excited than Wendy did) when the preview for 16 and Pregnant came on. It's going to premiere in April and I'm super excited!

After TM2 we watched Horders and it was interesting to watch with Wendy. She has OCD and to hear the people on the show talk about having OCD and yet, they live like animals, was weird. Wendy and I agreed that some of them lie about it. I told her that if she ever went into business organizing people's homes, she'd be doing the kind of houses that you see on Hoarders. :)

Wendy left to go get Kaitlyn and I didn't see her for the rest of the day. Gus and I hung out upstairs for a while and I tried to give him an afternoon nap but he didn't want it. By 5:00 he was exhausted. It's a miracle that we were able to entertain and occupy him until 7:30.

Here are some pictures of our evening:
Cheerleader position to read a book

Steve got on the floor with Gus to entertain him

Gus and Steve

Looks like they're having a deep conversation!

Steve giving Gus a great big hug!!

Tomorrow we're going to the zoo with Wendy and the girls and I can't wait! I've never been to the NC Zoo and since my parents got us the membership for Christmas, we won't have to pay to get in or park. I'm excited! It's supposed to be sunny and a high of 71... which is just about perfect for me. I can wear jeans and still be comfortable!! I hate sweating and it'll be a beautiful day to be outside and have enough of a chill in the air that I won't sweat. I'm so excited!

We're going to leave here around 9 and get there around 11 (I assume it's two hours). Then after the zoo we're going to come back here and I'm making pan-fried cheeseburgers for everyone for dinner. I think I'll do my grocery shopping on Friday... but maybe not until Saturday because I have a 2:00 play date with this lady named Melanie from TM. I'm asking Kristen to come too with Grace so that I'm not alone with someone that I don't know. It'll be fine though because Kristen is the new K15 playgroup coordinator and all three of us will be in the K15 playgroup together anyway, and I'm sure will see a lot more of each other.

Be sure to check out the video of Gus walking. It's incredible.
See you tomorrow!


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