Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 87

What a day! It started with getting up at 3am with Gus crying. He was fighting us last night before bed and ended up taking about an hour to calm down and finally give in. He had a bit of a fever and we gave him some Tylenol and it helped. So he got us up around 3 and then went back to bed about thirty or forth minutes later. 

I got up at 8:30 (on my own) and expected to hear him, but he was snoring. I decided to take a quick shower and hurried through it, only to finish ten minutes later and hear him still snoring. He slept until 9:15! We came downstairs and played for a bit.

I made myself a bowl of cereal and then took some pictures of Gus in his skeleton pjs. I got them a while ago from Wal-Mart for $0.75! It was too good a deal to pass up, and they're cute! So I took pictures and then Purry decided that my cereal smelled like poo, and he decided to try and cover it, and ended up knocking over my entire bowl. It was Honey Bunches of Oats with raisins... no smell at all, and yet he was trying to cover it. LOL

Here are some of the pictures that I took of Gus this morning:

I gave him a nap and he only slept for like 30 minutes. We headed out to Wendy's to meet Wendy (hahaha) for lunch. While there, I noticed that Gus's left ear was really red and hot to the touch. He felt hot too, definitely a fever. Wendy suggested that I call my pediatrician's office's nurse advice line. I didn't even know that they had this! I called and left a message about Gus's symptoms. Wendy said that she used it all the time when K was a baby. We got back to my house and Wendy took Gus's temp (in his butt) and it was 101.1. I guess normal is like 99.4 or something like that... he was definitely having a fever. 

Wendy left to go to her parent's house for the night, and I finished reading my book for Scholastic (yay I finished it before the deadline!!). The pediatrician's office called and they said that with his fever and red, hot ear, they wanted to see him. They asked if I could bring him in at 5:00. I said yes then called Steve and left him a VM about it. He texted back and said he'd be there.

I'm so lucky to have a husband that cares about his family. I was prepared to take Gus myself, but it was so nice that Steve came too.  While there, they weighed Gus and he's now 21.5 pounds!!! Only another 1/2 pound and we've reached the max limit on the car seat. We'll have to put him in the one that Wendy gave us! My little baby is getting big!! However, he's still in the 44th precentile... so it's not a bad thing at all (he's not overweight).

Here are some pictures from the appointment:

They didn't take his temperature (weird right?) but the doctor said that it could be teething (he is due to start sportin' some teeth), but he didn't really feel anything coming in when he checked. He said that it's more than likely just a head cold, and his ears and lungs were completely clear. He said just give him a warm bath before bed and some saline drops and he'll be okay.

Well, I was so happy to hear that it wasn't an ear infection. We went to Carrabba's after and then Rita's for dessert. Yummmm... they had the Swedish Fish again (yahoo) and then we came home and gave Gus a bath. He's now been in his room sleeping for about an hour and I hear him, so I need to go!!

Until tomorrow!!


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