Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time to be Thankful

I have to remind myself that there are people who started their adoption journey before us, and are still waiting for their baby. I cannot imagine what it'd be like for us, especially for me, if we were still waiting for God to bring a baby into our lives. The whole way that Gus came into our family was a miracle, and happened so quickly, that sometimes I forget that we even had a wait at all. We did though... and while it was ONLY a month, that month seemed like an eternity. I can't, and won't think of what we'd be feeling if we were about to go into a year (April 1st) of waiting for a baby.

There are many people who were on the waiting families list before we even used CAS and some are STILL on there waiting. I posted a blog today for Gus, and one of the women going through CAS posted a comment. I checked out her blog to see what she's been up to and she wrote about waiting... and coming up to ten months of waiting. It made me stop and think and really be thankful that we don't have to wait.

We got a call this afternoon from our attorney that we have a finalization date for court in MI and we have to appear with Gus. It throws off all our plans for a May/June visit, and now it's going to have to be a July visit... but we're going to be there for Gus's Adoption Day. I can't even put words to how estatic I am that we made it. Not that I had doubts that we would (initially I did... but once we got home and his birth parents signed permanent termination of rights, I didn't worry anymore). Anyway, Adoption Day is a HUGE thing and will be something that we celebrate every year. I'm nervous to go to court, but I think it'll all be wonderful and I'm excited to have a date when Gus is officially Gus Daniel Walker with a new birth certificate to prove it!

Gus's Adoption Day will be Friday, April 15th. Yes... that's tax day. What better way to remember the day than with tax day? LOL

Anyway... it throws a wrench in our big birthday plans for him back home, but it'll have to wait until July. When we come home in April (two weeks from Thursday) we'll only be there for two days and they will be spent with family only. When we come back in July... we'll try to set something up so we can see friends too.


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