Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89

It's been an off day around here. It started off with waking up later than usual and then it threw off the nap schedule for the day (Gus usually naps around 10:30/11ish and again around 2:30/3ish and he didn't go down for the fist nap until noon, and is just now going down for the afternoon nap and it's 5:15.

It's rainy and cold and the two don't make for a good day. Elphie pooped in her crate and then got it all over her and I had to clean it up and about threw up doing so. I'm over the dogs. I don't have any patience left for them and their antics.

So this morning, this is what I saw when I walked into Gus's nursery:
Those would be his pajama pants, his froggy and his bottle. Not a good sign... fortunately I didn't smell poo so I wasn't too concerned that he had taken off his diaper and pooped everywhere. He had just taken off his pants.

He was quite pleased with himself, as you can see.  :D

We came downstairs and played for a bit. I gave him another bottle and while I was feeding him, it made me laugh because he wouldn't sit still for me. He had to get down, but wanted the bottle. He reminded me of a baby animal...

Because he looked so cute in the elephant outfit that Jessica gave him, I decided to take more pictures of him. Yes... this is how I get through each day. Pictures, editing, and more pictures. :) It could be worse.
Here are some of my favorites from today:

So this afternoon I watched the season finale of Teen Mom 2 and One Born Every Minute. I'll start my commentary on TM2 and then go into my commentary on OBEM.

This girl is a HOT mess. So she got arrested for breaking and entering because she just HAD to go see her BF. He was staying at his friend's house without permission, and told Janelle to come see him. She went against her mother's orders, and decided to stay the night in the house. While she was there, she fell asleep and the boyfriend left her. She wakes up to the police and gets arrested. When the cops go to find her boyfriend, they find him drunk and snorting coke.

To top it all off... she goes and bails him out. She has a son and her mom is raising the kid, but she wants to go and party. The girl should never have kept the baby. He deserves to be with loving parents and not treated like a second thought. I can't stand her.

Keltie (hahaha) Kailyn
She's just dumb. She has no place to live, has her baby, and is going to school and can't pay for it. Her ex's parents let her stay there for free and provided child care, but she threw it all away for a dumb guy that she works with named Jordan. The chick is so annoying.

She and Corey got married this episode. I can't stand her either, but at least she's taking her role as a mom seriously. I don't have much else to say about her.

Another hot mess. She is so babied by her dad it's sick. He pays for everything for her, and she has no idea what the real world is. She doesn't have to work, her only "job" is to finish her high school degree so she can go to hair school, and she can't do it. On top of that, she let her baby daddy Adam move back in with her, made her best friend move out, and then was surprised when the baby daddy started treating her like shit. He is a jerk and instead of dealing with him, she has her dad do it. Annoying.

Okay... so then I watched the last episode of One Born Every Minute. I love this show... it's on Lifetime and it takes place in Ohio. It's a maternity floor with cameras in the rooms to caputre the births of the babies and it's really cute. All season they've shown various aspects of birth and it's been really interesting to watch. Well, today there was a 22 year old woman having twins (one boy and one girl) and she was placing them for adoption.

The first thing that upset me was that the show said she was "giving her babies away" which isn't the case. No woman "gives" her baby to anyone. It's placing not giving and there's a HUGE difference. So it was a little sad to see that the show didn't do any research on this before talking about it.

So anyway, it was very emotional to watch. It was sorta like watching our own adoption with Gus. The adoptive parents came to the hospital and were ushered out by the social worker. (I wonder if they are all rude, or just the one with Gus and the one on tv.) Anyway, then the mom had the babies and her mom was in the room with her and they cried and cried. The mom had placed a child for adoption six years before this and then had a baby that she parented and then got pregnant with twins. She said she could barely raise her one child, and knew she couldn't raise three. 

When the nurse was asking the mom about her daughter (the one she placed for adoption when she was 16), she said that she didn't get to see her a lot, but she knows that she's adopted and calls her by her first name. Then the nurse asked the mom's mom about being a grandma. She said that it was really hard to watch her 16 year old have a baby and then place it into the arms of another family. She said that her granddaughter calls her Grandma Joan. She was sad that she didn't get to see her granddaughter and missed her very much. She said that with adoption, you lose that part of you. You don't get to claim the rights to the child that's biologically yours, because it's now the adoptive family's child.

It was emotional and I cried. The adoptive parents were overjoyed to become parents and the mom was so happy to be able to give them their dream. They didn't say if it was an open or closed adoption. Once again my heart broke watching them all say goodbye.

It made me so very proud to be apart of open adoption. It's not for everyone, but it's absolutely beautiful and it's something I feel so honored to do. Instead of thinking that there is something wrong with me and maybe God doesn't want me to be a mom (hence the infertility), it's that I am meant to be Gus's mom. Period.

I had to call the attorney's office again to double check that I said April 15th for Gus's finalization. I have a BAD habit of saying one thing and thinking another. (Like going to eat and I say I want one thing and then get mad when something totally different comes and I ask Steve and he tells me that I ordered it.) All I needed was to say May 13th and think I said April 15th. So Sandy laughed when I called and she said that she filed everything this morning and we're set for 11am on Friday the 15th. :D

I sent P and her mom M an email on Facebook asking them if they wanted to join us for lunch after the hearing. P's mom (C's grandma) lives way north and only gets to come down state every so often. We had hoped to meet her in May (when we thought we were going back to MI), but she wasn't going to be able to meet us because she was going downstate in April. So she's super excited that she'll be in the Detroit area when we're there finalizing, and she'll finally get to meet her great-grandson! We're not going to see anyone else from Gus's birth family on this trip. We'll see them all in July when we go back to celebrate his birthday.

Then I was thinking some more, and I decided to ask P if she and C and M wanted to come with us to the court hearing. It's a very special day, and I understand if they don't want to go, but I thought I'd ask if they wanted to come too. I don't know if my mom or dad are going to go, probably not since they both have to work. However, it's very special and I'd love for C and P to be apart of it if they'd like. We'll see. Maybe it'll be too hard for them to be there, but then again, they're so open to everything that it might be something that they'll want to be apart of. It would mean so much if they were there.

Gus is finally sleeping (it's 5:40)... nothing like fighting a nap. Steve is at NCSU for the evening and I texted him to bring me something home on his way. I don't feel like cooking and it's already late. We'll see.

See you tomorrow!!


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