Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86

This is my sweet baby-man with a fever and not feeling well at all. Notice the smile? I'm telling you... he is the most precious little person that I've even known. Even when he's not feeling well, he manages a smile. :D

Today Steve moved the furniture around... I like it a lot better. I'm so torn about Ned. Friday he snipped at Gus and it freaked me out. He's so very nervous around Gus and ends up shaking/trembling and will do whatever he can to avoid being around Gus. It's annoying and heartbreaking. I told Steve about Ned snipping at Gus (granted, Gus was pulling on Ned's ears) and he said he'd talk to a guy that he works with about some techniques that we can try with Ned to get him to calm down. For now, he's been chillin' in his crate (on his own accord) and doing whatever he can to be away from Gus. It makes me so very sad.... I love Ned like he's my other child and to see him reacting like this to Gus is sad. I think once Gus started walking, Ned started freaking out. I hope we can find a happy solution to this potential problem.

Anyway... we spent the day doing more of what we did yesterday. NOTHING! I read more of the book that I have to review for Scholastic for April. It's not that it's a hard book to read, but it's hard to read and watch Gus at the same time. LOL. By the time it's time for me to go to bed... I just want to sleep and not read. I have until Tuesday to send my review... so tomorrow is the day I MUST finish!

Here are some pictures from today:
Snuggles with papa... and still checking to see what I'm doing.  ;)

Gus loves to look out the window!!

My sick baby

Loving on the blanket

Carrying it around the livingroom

Playing with his bear before getting a diaper change!

I'm not sure what we'll do tomorrow. This whole week is supposed to be cold and rainy... so no park visits. We have a breakfast playdate on Thursday morning that we're going to and then on Saturday we're going to Jen's bowling birthday party (should be fun). Other than that, our week is pretty empty. Wendy is going to be going to her parent's tomorrow to spend the night, so I won't see her and then Wednesday her husband comes back from the beach (he's been away working for four weeks) so I won't see her until next Monday I guess. I assume she'll be spending as much time with him as she can (he'll be off for the rest of the week and weekend).

It should make for a quite week. I hope I don't lose my mind!!!
See you tomorrow... 


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