Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 85

How funny is this face???

What a great day! We didn't do ANYTHING or go ANYWHERE and it was incredible!! Gus slept all through the night, which was awesome considering that he took a two-hour nap just before bed. We were both actually able to wake up on our own. 

For those of you without kids... this is the thing that I miss more than anything about my previous life (the one before Gus). Until it's gone, you have no idea how amazing it is to be able to wake up when your body wants you to wake. There's something about a crazed, hectic, alarmed scream to wake you from a deep slumber. It throws off your whole day, and for parents, it's a constant for at least four-- maybe six years. But this morning... we got to sleep in and it was awesome.

Gus took one nap today and it was another two and a half hour one but it was in the mid-morning to afternoon. We tried to put him down around 3 and he wasn't having it. He wanted to be down where we were, so Steve brought him down and we put him in the exersaucer. He hadn't been in it in months and he loved it! It was like rediscovering a new toy.

On a totally different topic... I recently found a song that fits how I feel about Gus perfectly. I'm going to put it here with the video with lyrics so you can follow along. I now claim it as "our song."

It fills my heart with happiness and makes me smile the whole time that it's on. It is so perfect for me and Gus... don't you think???

I made one of the recipes from the Philly Cooking Creme Dinnertime Dilemma party again tonight. I made the broccoli/cauliflower cheesy chicken casserole and it was SOOOOOOOO good! I don't know what I did differently this time, but it was incredible. 

I told Steve that I'm a diamond that he never knew existed when he married me. He married a lump of carbon... and even this time last year he had no idea what mad cooking skills I had!! He's lucky that I'm a killer in the kitchen... I'm serious. I am a damn good cook!!!  ;)

After dinner we watched The Fourth Kind. Now... this movie creeped me out, but after Steve went online and read me some of the reviews for it, I still liked it, but I wasn't as freaked out. I do think that aliens DO exist and I'm just thankful that they don't come to my bed at 3:33 every morning. And if I ever see a white creepy looking owl outside my house... I'm heading for the hills. Just sayin'.

I took some pictures of Gus tonight before the movie... here are some of my favorites. Notice that he's REALLY chewing a lot tonight. I think a tooth/teeth will emerge ANY DAY NOW!!!!

Cute right?? So then I took another one and when I was on Photoshop, I decided to play with the eye color and see what Gus would look like with different colored eyes. I couldn't get it perfect, but you can get a basic idea:
With his amazing blues

With light brown eyes...

With green eyes...

With hazel eyes...

I dig the eyes that he has. I'd kill to have blue eyes like his. They're the prettiest color blue and have a dark blue rim around the outside... too cool.

Anyway... see you tomorrow!!


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