Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82

Let me start by saying that I have a headache right now. :(  

I was in the middle of a crazy dream involving my brother Dave, when Gus's crying instantly woke me. I must have been in a deep sleep because Gus wasn't just making a little noise... he was full-on crying. Poor little man... I keep thinking that it's going to be soon that some teeth appear, but I don't know anymore. I did give him some Tylenol because he was inconsolable late this morning.

He took two really good naps for an hour and fifteen minutes each. I did really well today with watching his signs for being hungry for solids. He had less than 30 ounces of formula today and that's HUGE. He usually consumes anywhere from 38-48 ounces a day. Today, he had three snacks (mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and evening), and then had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He had some of my bagel with cream cheese and 1/2 a banana for breakfast (I dread the poo), and Spaghetti-Os and pears for lunch, and then for dinner he had whole wheat penne pasta with a little meat sauce and some bread. I think (hope) that the solids are starting to fill him up more and it'll make it easier for him to take in less and less formula.

The bottom line is that he IS still a baby and needs formula. However, he also needs solids and as long as he keeps giving me the cues that he's ready for more solids, I think we'll be okay. The whole eating thing has been such a sensitive issue for me. I guess until you've had a baby that has had eating issues, you can't really understand how frustrating and hard it is. However... he's doing much better and I feel better. I like that he's adventurous about his foods and is willing to try just about anything. He did NOT like the pears... but Steve gave him some hummus tonight and he seemed to like it. :)

The last thing I want is a picky eater and I'm praying that Gus stays open to trying new things. 

I talked to my mom tonight while I was making dinner and it was so nice to hear her voice. It's been quite a while since I last talked to her, and I needed to catch up!

Today I took some pictures of Gus with his new EMU bib and then also some of him walking around the house. He's so cute!!

Tomorrow we'll be going to Kristen's for a 10:00 playdate and then at 1:00 we have a playdate with my other friend Kristen (Grace's mom) and another mom named Melanie (I haven't met her yet). It'll be at Melanie's house and she lives here in my sub-division so it'll be nice and close! She has two kids and one of them is just two months older than Gus. I'm excited to meet her and to see Gus playing with another boy!!

I've been reading the Super-nanny's book about parenting and I love it. I also just ordered Parenting With Love & Logic (I used Teaching With Love & Logic in my classroom) and I also got the early childhood copy of PWLL. I'm so interested in the stuff and really feel like I'm getting a solid plan of how to do things with Gus. It's perfect because he's still little and young enough to start these things and just have them be routine. I like it.

I sent out the evites for Gus's first birthday. Here's a picture of it:
So far we have two RSVPs that they're coming! Since we don't have any family down here, it'll be just friends, but we're hoping to have a nice turn out and be able to really enjoy Gus's first birthday!!

See you tomorrow!


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