Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 81

Whew! What a day!!

Gus decided to sleep in this morning, and it was fine with me. He got up around 8 and then went right back to sleep until about 10:30. I had just gone downstairs to get the door (Wendy brought the girls over for me to babysit) when he decided to get up. When I walked into his room... I smelled it immediately. When I walked over to his crib... he was still wearing his sleepsack (thank God), but there was poo from the inside of it, seeping through to the outside. It was, the grossest poo yet.

I brought him downstairs and had to give him a bath in the kitchen sink because Kaitlyn and Ashley were here. It was nasty and was in his hair and all over his legs, feet, and stomach.

Anyway, after I got him cleaned up and changed, we watched Tangled (Wendy was able to get an advanced copy through her brother-in-law who works for Disney).What a cute movie!!! If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth seeing if you get the chance. I really enjoyed it.

Wendy got back from her appointment and we had lunch here and then she took the girls home so she could get some stuff done before her Scentsy party at 7.

Well, not long after she was home, I put Gus down for a nap and she texted me to say that no one was going to come to her party. So I'm pretty sure I'm done with Scentsy. I have been at it since December... and no one wants to have/come to a party and no one is ordering. I sent an email out to my friends and family about it, and maybe someone will order. Otherwise, I'll lose my status as a consultant because I haven't had enough orders. Thank goodness my MIL ordered! I love the stuff and would hate to not be able to sell it anymore, but there's nothing I can do about it.

So... I made Wendy a chore chart for K and one for A and then I posted pictures of it on the C4 Facebook page. I asked what people thought and how much they think I should charge to make them. I was thinking $20 or $25. We'll see what people think. I don't want to charge too much, but don't want to undercharge either. 
Steve had a speaking engagment at UNC tonight so I was on my own for dinner. We were going to have pizza over at Wendy's before the party, but we decided to go out for Mexican instead. It was so good and was exactly what I was in the mood for. 'Ole!

Tomorrow Wendy is leaving for the beach until Monday, so we'll be home alone. We've got a playdate with Kristen, Laura, Ryan, and MacKenzie on Thursday and I'm excited to see them. It's been like nine or ten weeks since we last got together.

I'm also excited because my other friend Kristen (Grace's mom), is the new play group organizer for Triangle Mommies and she put two dates on the calendar for April! One will be here at my house and another will be at the park. We're thinking about doing an Easter egg hunt!  :)

Gus and I got home from dinner and just hung out for a bit. I took a long video of him (five minutes) and then some pictures of him walking and squatting down... he's amazing.

I put Gus down for bed around 8 tonight... I was trying to keep him up to see Steve but it wasn't going to happen. I decided that I'd read, "Tell Me Again About the Night that I Was Born" by Jamie Lee Curtis. Holy smokes... I got to the page about not being able to carry a baby in her belly and a woman that was too young carried the baby in her tummy and placed it with the mommy... I totally started crying. I couldn't even read anymore of the book.

I don't know why I get so darn emotional about it, but it's going to be fun around here when it's time to really start having conversations about Gus's birth family. I'm so glad that I made the photo book of all of them for him. Not sure when it'll arrive, but I'm glad I can show it to him and make sure that he knows who they are. Most importantly, I want to ensure that he knows how much they all love him and care about him. :)

Anyway... it's time for me to go blog as Gus for this week's Grandiose Gabble!!
See you tomorrow!


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